About Cate


Who am I?

I’m Cate Stillman and I am the founder of Yogahealer.com

I empower thrive-seekers to uplevel their health, their careers and their lives in real time. I teach wellness pros to grow their impact and their income and live their best lives.

I created yogahealer.com in 2001, and have since helped thousands of people thrive in their health, their families and their communities. My Ayurveda courses, Body Thrive and Living Ayurveda, transform people’s lives.

I split my time between the Teton Valley and Punta Mita, Mexico, so I can enjoy mountain biking in the summer and paddleboarding and surfing in the winter.

What is Yoga Health Coaching?

As many of my students are yoga teachers and wellness providers, I began to see that many of them were not living the lives they had dreamed of. They were overworked, stressed and not making enough money. They weren’t able to have the impact on their clients that they wanted to have.

I created Yoga Health Coaching to give wellness pros the tools and skills they need to grow their businesses, help their clients and live the lifestyle they want. We will have over 100 Certified Coaches by the end of 2017.


Cate’s Profile

My interest in Ayurveda came from prior work in global warming politics and economics. Since my teen years I’ve been concerned with our carbon footprint and the thrive of our Earth. After working in Washington DC for the an energy and climate non-profit, I realized that I needed to know more about humans and consciousness. Why were some humans more aware and full of care regarding the bigger issues? How could the decision makers at the big corporations not give a flying *&^# about the mess they were leaving in their wake? The search for why certain people were more evolved than others coupled with my passion for our planetary thrive drove me straight and fast into Ayurveda as a young adult… (or whatever you call that awkward age of post-college, before you know what you’re doing next with your life.)

That gives you somewhat of a picture. It leaves out a few big chunks.

As a kid I had health issues. Ayurveda uprooted them by my early thirties. Thank the goddess.

And, post Ayurvedic studies I dove hardcore into evolutionary groups and consciousness. The experiences and teachings have led me to insist on live group involvement and participation as part of any course I teach. Basically, we evolve faster together. It’s that simple.

Completed Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training + Certified as Ayurvedic Practitioner (2001)

Started Yogahealer.com website (2001)

Started Yogidetox (2002)

Certified Anusara Yoga teacher (2006)

Started Living Ayurveda Course (2007)

Invented Yoga Health Coaching Certification (2012)

Co-hosted The Ayurveda Summit (2015)

Published Body Thrive (2015)