Refine your subtle energy.
We're going for a deeper integration...

... from overwhelm to ease,

... from clutter to clarity,

... from density to levity,

... from scattered to grounded,

... from frazzled to focused,

from persevering to at peace.

Live Your Life at the Next Level


It's time to uplevel you.

 Free Coaching Session

You’ve done some serious work. You’re operating at a higher level of consciousness. You know how to take care of your body. 

You’d like to uplevel other aspects in your life. You want to your relationships, your dharma, even your wealth to enter the next phase. 

  • Take back your time.
  • Hit your targets.
  • Enhance your living space,within you & around you. 
  • Awaken your life at the next level.

Body. Dharma. Relationships. Wealth. Goals. Focus. EASE.

To live your life at the next level we need to uplevel what is happening in the following arenas:

  • Your Day
  • Your Home
  • Your Dharma
  • Your Work in the World
  • You + Your Core Peeps
  • Your Personal evolution
  • Your Practices

We'll find out what sparks joy - where the life force is strong for you - and shift your day-to-day into alignment with thrive.

Live Your Life at the Next Level

Step-by-step guidance, innovative conversation, dynamic peer support, specific instruction all in one place.

What's in Awake Living..

"The Awake Living Course did for me what I had hoped. It took me beyond the sand trap where I existed and catapulted me to a new level. Showing up in a group and having group support definitely changes the game of self-improvement. Calling it a "book club" seems a disservice, maybe an "action club" describes it better.

My life has transformed from dreams to realities. Space and time have opened before me. In fact, I'm feeling unstoppable at the moment. My home has transformed to a B&B, I'm making bonuses at my day job and seeing my side business take off (not to mention finishing Yoga Health Coaching certification!). Anyone feeling overwhelmed with a vision needs to join and jump into this current!"

Dr. Beth Claxton

Awake Living used authors and systems I would not have even considered looking at, but I found each one to provide a very specific structural enhancement to the way I manage my days, weeks, life. The support of the enlivened people in the course and its yogic approach transformed what otherwise would have been too "corporate" for my taste into a deeply personal - and challenging - look at what I really want to become and be. 4 weeks was not enough time to finish any of the themes, but that was never the intention. I wouldn't want the course to be longer. 4 weeks was enough to get a very respectable start for continuing independently. I got exactly what I was looking for: more structure to my overly unstructured life, and more energy and clarity for growing personally into my golden elder years!

Margery Anderson 

Yoga Teacher + Spiritual Guide

Start this journey with a Free Awake Living Coaching Session...

  • I’m taking a posse of peeps into Awake Living. Fifty people will be selected to join this expedition.

  • We are opening the doors to anyone who is feeling great and wants to uplevel how they align their life…. Time optimization, hitting goals, wealth expansion, ….

  • Sign up for your free: Awake Living Coaching Session…Fill out our assessment. You'll have a free 30 minute coaching consultation with Grace or Alex.

  • If you're ready for Awake Living, you'll be invited. You'll be clear on your goals. We'll give you details on course tuition and payment plans.

  • And, if you're not ready, you'll be coached with the specific habits to help you get ready.

What happens in the Free Awake Living Coaching Session:

In your Awake Living Coaching session you and your coach will:

  1.  Get clear on where your five elements of life are aligned, and where your growing edges are.

  2. Identify the areas where you are not living in alignment with your higher self

  3. You will receive specific steps you can take to take action in alignment with creating your next breakthrough into a life more aligned, more easeful, and more impactful

Empower your body, your home, and your dharma.

Awake Living is brand new.

We don't have any "success stories" or "breakthrough banter."

 Listen to what the peeps say about being schooled by Cate.

"Cate's way of teaching is clear. I've been involved in spiritual learning communities for decades. Cate's path is action-oriented spirituality."

"I'm so glad I started with Cate's courses when I did. My life and career are on track with dharma. The way I work and live to be on target is so much more organized!"

~ Annette Shellenbarger,

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Health Coach, body detox expert

Mom of 2 grown kids.

~ Suzanne Lynch,

Yoga Teacher trainer, Yoga Health Coach, NACC Certified Chaplain, meditation expert, Mom of 2 grown kids.

The Awake Living Course + Community.

(It's not just a course. It's a community.)
will bring you through a complete
evolutionary revolution in your personal growth.

  • Who you are will expand. 
  • Your sense of time will expand. 
  • Your dharma will expand. 
  • You will expand + experience ease.

And, more fundamentally, you'll make a deep shift from stress to ease. Sometimes our stress is sublte. It's below the surface, buried in a busy world, a busy life.

If you crave more time, more space, less to do...
If your inner abundance and outer abundance are out of sync....
If your body needs an overhaul to age well, you have landed on the right webpage. I'm glad we've connected.
See if you're serious - talk to us.

founder of, the Yogidetox,

and Yoga Health, voice of the Yogahealer Real Life Show

About Your Guide

For over a decade I've taught hundreds of people the art of detox, the basics rhythms of Ayurveda, and living in dharma.

At this juncture my work is turning to an even more fundamental arena, which relies heavily on these primary foundations.

Through talking with my tribe at I've learned that how I can best serve my community at this juncture is through guiding a special group through the personal implementation of Awake Living.

Thus, the Awake Living Course is born.

Awake Living Prep School starts NOW.

The next live course starts on 2017

the number of participants is limited

We work with thrive-seekers. We don't work with people who aren't willing to risk and grow.

Wake up in your body, dharma, relationships, and wealth at the Next Level.

Sign up for our free
Awake Living Coaching Session, and we'll see what happens.

Free coaching spots are limited!

If you want one... get in.

with Cate Stillman

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