[Learn Ayurveda] Instill the Habits of Enlightenment

  The habits of yogis are based on biohacking. The yogis needed mental clarity for spiritual attainment. To achieve this mental clarity, they found out that optimizing how their bodies functioned was key. All systems needed some upgrading, from the most mundane like taking a great poop in the early morning to deep-tissue hydration and lubrication, to refined nutrient absorption and tissue formation, to sound rest and cellular repair. When the physical body is optimized, the mind becomes clear,...

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[Learn Ayurveda] Diet for Your Constitution

Use the Right Tip Sheet for Your Constitution    If you’ve taken an Ayurvedic constitutional quiz, you’re ready to dial in the most basic tips to honor the particular digestive pattern that comes with your constitution. These tips will help you do just that. (You should also learn about Enhancing Your Digestion. The following tips come secondary to that. And if you haven’t Befriended Your Constitution, you’ll also want to read that first. Then, print the Food +...

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[Learn Ayurveda] Know the Power of Your Constitution

A few days ago, I had a paddle boarding date with my husband. Any day we’re in Mexico and have swell, we have these dates. One of the advantages of surfing on a paddleboard is that you get to stand and talk between waves, and standing is better for conversation. Winston has been with me since before my Ayurveda and Yoga training. To say that he learned Ayurveda through me is an understatement. The man...

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[Learn Ayurveda] Enhance your Digestion

As promised, I'm kicking off our [Learn Ayurveda] series for February to help us absorb the core techings. I'll also share my most recent "aha's" and personal breakthroughs in the hopes of inspiring you. When I first started blogging on Ayurveda, not much was out there on the web. Now, a ton of information is out there. In that light I'll write in my own voice, with my own stories and perspective. If you like,...

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Your Habits + Your Integrity Spectrum

I wrote this post and made the little diagram for those who are in the seemingly endless cycles of negative self-talk to inform you that dissolves when your habits align to your bodies needs. Your mind and emotions are negative because your rhythms are out of alignment. They are a symptom - not a cause in themselves. I was on a Body Thrive coaching call the other day. I try to check in first. I take...

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Experience Your Doshas Meditation

MEDITATION STEPS: 1. Allow your breath deep in so that awareness in your body grows stronger and refresh -The breath moves the tissue of the body. -Movement of the breath massages and circulates the waters of your body. -Within the dosha itself there is the consciousness of connectivity. -The prana is smart. All parts of your body are enlightened as the prana moves. -Allow that information, sensation and emotions to be received. 2. Notice vata and prana -How would you describe the concept...

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Kaizen Your Ayurvedic Habits

The saying — “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” — is a kaizen-esque phrase. So is “early to bed, early to rise, makes a woman healthy, wealthy, and wise”. We all know kaizen on some level. It’s part of our ancestral folk medicine. What is Kaizen Kaizen means good change and refers to the philosophy of applying continuous, daily, small improvements. Kaizen was developed in U.S. during the Second World War to efficiently convert factories...

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Habit from Ayurveda

Do you know the #1 Habit from Ayurveda that will guarantee you: You will wake up with more energy You won’t have a puffy face in the morning You will sleep much more deeply I found out about the habit the hard way. Most of us are familiar with the hard way. It’s the way of unconscious habits -the habits we don’t even know are causing us minor discomforts and slow degeneration. I was not a body thriving kind of kid....

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Productivity Tips Based on the Ayurvedic Elements

In Ayurveda, productivity is being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth your dharma, or true purpose or raison d'être. Productivity on purpose happens when we align to tejas, or laser-focused insight. To enter your highly productive flow state find the element most out of whack below - and start there. Ether: Own Your Space Architect your space to heighten your consciousness. Optimize every space you have control over (your home, office, car, computer, web browser...

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Boutique, Hand-Crafted, Designer Fermented Foods

Truth be told, I messed up my intestinal flora. I know it happens. But it really doesn’t “happen.” I caused a series of events that allowed dysbiosis “to happen.” This series of events knocked out my good intestinal flora. But since this blog post is a recipe, I’ll spare you the details. Here’s the keyword version of it: eating homegrown greens and veggies for five months > Yogidetox > juicing > enemas > eating fermented...

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