Locavore approach to At Home Retreat

Each Autumn I press my reset button. When you get deeper into seasonal rhythms you notice there are junctures of time to empty your own bucket of whatever imbalances have accumulated since your last “empty the bucket period.” For me, the last empty the bucket period was in April. Now it's six months later. My body knows what time it is. My mind wants a timeout too. And my spirit is begging for more time...

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Top 5 Yogidetox Podcast Episodes

Yogidetox is starting this October and our team has gathered our top 5 podcast episodes to help you get ready for the gobal detox which starts this October 12th. Listen and enjoy! #1: Detox for Hormone Balance with Bridgit Danner When we look back on our health histories we see peaks and valleys. Obviously a reflection of the laws of nature, our bodies in particular reflect the law of contrary compliments. In this week’s show you’ll hear women’s hormonal health...

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Our Top 5 Yogidetox Blog Posts of All Time

Autumn is finally here! And we would like to share to you this week our top 5 detox for fall. These will show you the WHY, HOW, WHEN and were hoping this will inspire you to join our Global Yogidetox  this coming October 12- Nov. 2. Here's our top 5 articles of all time. Enjoy. Interview With Cate On Juice Bar Detox 101 I was asked a bunch of questions by Sarah Murray, a student reporting on the juice...

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The Best Question for Emotional Detox with Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta

Dr. Mary Jo is a pro on helping people detox. As mandated by her guru she created a line of subtle energetic potions to help people with emotional clearing as they release ama in detox. In today's show Dr. Mary Jo shares the important question for moving through the thick of deeper emotional detox and relationship evolution. You'll get a practical practice you can start today - notice how you tell your story to someone. This...

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How To Make Your Own Green Powder

As an avid fan of edible invasive weeds, I glory in the abundance of their presence. This year’s thistle harvest was sparser than usual, but chickweed went house. I was inundated with chickweed! She showed up in every garden and grow-box. I let her do her thing and ended up with five pounds of green powder!  Nutrient Density is in Your Weeds Weeds are my dear sisters. They show up when needed, sometimes unwanted, to cleanse and...

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How To Use Chokecherries: An Ayurvedic Perspective

I lived in the Tetons for 15 years before harvesting chokecherries. I wish I’d known sooner! Chokecherries grow in insane abundance in this part of the world: You can pick pounds in an hour! I asked Indy’s grandparents who are from the area if they’d harvested chokecherries while growing up. When they said yes, I asked how they used them. They responded with nothing out of the ordinary, only mentioning they’d made syrup for pancakes. I’m not...

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How to Rate and Review Yogahealer Podcast on iTunes

  Launch Apple's Podcast app. Tap on  the Search tab. Enter the name of the podcast you want to rate or review (In this case, Yogahealer). Tap the blue Search key at the bottom right. Tap the album art for the podcast. Tap the Reviews tab. Tap Write a Review at the bottom. Login to your iTunes account. Tap the Stars to leave a rating. Enter title text and content to leave a review. Tap Send.  ...

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10 Must-Have Habits from Ayurveda by Cate Stillman

Ayurveda, the folk medicine from India and sister-science of Yoga, optimizes your body to feel great and last a good, long time. Based on habits and rhythms Ayurveda understands human biorhythms inside and out. If your daily habits go against our primate-ancestral rhythms you will suffer and/or cut your life short. There are 10 key habits the yogis of yore relied on that couldn’t be more relevant to thriving today. Which of the habits do you...

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My Favorite Living Ayurveda Books

For the past 9 years, I have led a group through the nine month journey to living Ayurveda in daily life. For the 10th year of the course I scrapped the Living Ayurveda Course curriculum. I opened the doors to the easiest way to embody the 50 centuries of Ayurvedic wisdom into simple practice daily living skills to enhance modern life. Using collective leadership with students and course mentors we co-created the new curriculum. We...

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