For women who love their body and love their yoga: there is more to know.

Healthier Hormones is a 6 week e-course … and a gateway into an ongoing community of members devoted to body integrity and women’s wisdom. When you join, you get access into the course and into the ongoing community. Twice a year we go as a community through the 6 week course together – with new members and old members alike. We are a planet-wide group of mostly women growing in skillful living and body integrity as our lives shift with the seasons. 

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Listen in to Our Compelling Conversation + get a sense of the course and the community of women evolving their wellness around the world.

Listen to our compelling conversation
(right click to download) : Ayurveda for Women: A Compelling Conversation.

We let the Shakti lead a beautiful and compelling conversation into greater integrity in our bodies and in our lives.

I’ve taken so many courses, and read so many books, that promised to change my life. Healthier Hormones really did. Thanks to Dr. Claudia, Cate, the group energy, and all that valuable information (some of which I’ve never seen anywhere else), I’m experiencing a new ability to shape my life in a way that makes me stronger.
M.S., British Columbia, Canada

I learned more than I imagined or expected and loved every minute.
J.C., Lincoln, NE

Are you experiencing ANY of the following?

  • Chronic Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, mood swings or depression
  • Weight gain around your middle
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive complaints like diarrhea or constipation, even when you eat a perfect diet
  • Headaches or acne associated with your period
  • Hot flashes, night sweats or vaginal dryness
  • Changes in your menstrual cycle

If so, your hormones may be out of balance. True story. Join Cate & Claudia to understand why you have these symptoms and what to do to change your life.

Learn how to read 
your moods and your body’s signals….
and get the know-how and the courage 
to respond effectively.

It’s your body and your life.
And you can be better than you are now.
Information is inspiration.

Dr. Claudia is a genius in giving you the INFORMATION to INSPIRE the changes that will make the biggest difference in your day-to-day experience of thrive… no matter what your age. Join us to grow in your understanding of how your body works… and to enter a paradigm of deep cooperation with yourself.

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Are we talking about you?

  • Do you commonly feel anxiety, stress or worry for no particular reason?
  • Do you commonly feel anxiety, stress or worry for any reason?
  • Do you experience any of the following symptoms associated with your menstrual cycle: headaches, mood swings, acne, bloating, constipation, heavy or scanty bleeding, painful cramping, irregular periods, pain at ovulation or bleeding between cycles?
  • Do you use synthetic hormone therapy of ANY kind, like birth control pills, thyroid medication, fertility drugs, or hormone replacement therapy for menopausal symptoms?
  • Do you have hot flashes, insomnia, heart palpitations, accelerated heartbeat, thyroid trouble of any kind, low immunity, infertility, heart disease , osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, adrenal burnout, or endocrine disorders?

If you answered YES to even ONE of these questions, it is likely your hormonal balance is affected.

zen rocks 202x300 Healthier Hormones  Sign UpIf your hormonal balance is affected, chances are it won’t self-correct unless you make some serious changes.When your hormonal imbalance deepens you’re walking the path of disease. According to Dr. Welch, what makes the most difference in our hormonal balance is to stop our current lifestyle cycle of running on stress hormones, “What really takes courage is to stop – stop running, stop pushing, stop trying to please everyone, stop outspending our reserves. Just stop. Stop and begin to live the life we really want to be living.”

Sign up now, and get instant access to the course and community. Healthier Hormones e-Course – an exclusive 6 week Online e-Course with Dr. Claudia & Cate only $300.  You are getting access not only to the 6 week course … but the ongoing community with live Q+A calls.

Our next live call is June 27, 2014. Register now … and get access to the course, the community and the upcoming group momentum.


We made a simple video
to help explain
what you are investing in:  

Sign up now, get yourself instant access into the e-Course. Then, you’ll be ready to go through the e-Course with the next group on the live replay and the 2 free calls. The e-course includes a live Q & A session. Once you register, you become a member of the Healthier Hormones FaceBook Group. You can retake the e-course with a group at least twice a year!

This course is such a lovely, and deeply supported community experience. It’s a testing ground for where online courses become communities of connectivity.

Dr. C and Cate feel so good about spreading the word and building a global support container for women to really understand their bodies, and the hormonal changes WE ALL go through.

Q: When is the next live course replay?

The e-course is recorded. Twice a year all members get 2 live calls with Dr. Claudia and Cate. One live call is before the course replays. The second live call is after the course replay – so that we might answer any questions on the phone.
Next live calls:
Friday June 27 2014, 5pm ET
Thursday August 14  2014, 5 pm ET

We will also be having a member’s only retreat in February 2015. Dates TBA.

Q: Can I sign up now – and take it with the group on the next replay session?

Yes. You can get access now and connect with us on our very active group forum. All members receive the announcements for the next replay with live Q+A sessions, and any replays in the future. Past members have found that taking the course again deepens their understanding and their commitment to taking up better lifestyle habits for future wellness.


Questions?  Visit the FAQ page.

Healthier Hormones e-Course delivers to you:

  • A six-week deep exploration of your physiology and next health breakthrough.
  • All audio sessions are recorded and available upon registering.
  • Exclusive Healthier Hormones Facebook Fanpage for our community to connect & evolve.
  • Straight forward guidance in every session, and information to inspire.

Are you a perfect fit for Healthier Hormones?

  •  Healthier Hormones  Sign UpYou’re ready to take action and would welcome support.
  • You know you need to make some changes.
  • You’re hungry for the best information that is available packaged in a way you can enjoy absorbing.
  • You’re a woman of any age… or you work with women in healthcare.

You will get the best information on what it takes to prevent disease and the inspiration to build a strong, healthier body to embrace the future.

What you will learn:

  1. How hormones shift over the course of our lives, and why that matters
  2. Where your body is at… and where you’re headed
  3. How to interpret specific signals your body is currently communicating
  4. How to respond effectively to those signals
  5. The reason we’re moody… and tools to smooth out the edges
  6. How to understand what choices really are, and new ways of making them
  7. Why hormonal health is an ethical consideration
  8. How to optimize your immune system for the unknown future as the planet heats up
  9. How to be more productive.. while less stressed out
  10. What a health-improving day actually looks like… and how it changes your life in surprising ways


“This course is perfect. Genius. And love. Thank you ever so much.” – J.P., Memphis, TN

“For anyone wanting a deeper connection to their soul, a calmer daily perspective and to be part of an inspiring, authentic group of like minded souls, do this course. It’s fantastic and I have no hesitation in recommending it.” – K.F., New South Wales, Australia

“This is a beautiful and essential course for any woman! I wish every woman in my life would receive the knowledge and experience I gained from this course. I feel so grateful to have been given this opportunity and look forward to continuing to learn and share and support one another on the Facebook group page.” – T.J., Gray, ME

“I have been looking forward to taking this course for a year! It is such a valuable source of practical information for my own health and balance and I am thrilled to have more insight and resources to share with my clients who are seeking solutions.” - H.M., Portland, OR

“This course was amazing! I truly wish I could convince every woman I know to take it. Dr. Claudia Welch has a gift for communicating important truths about being a woman (or man) navigating life in the 21st century in a very digestible way…one that inspires true change. And Cate Stillman offers welcome insights as well. Don’t miss out on a chance to truly watch your life transform (and yes, if you commit to some simple changes, you’ll begin to see the difference within the 6 week time-frame)! Worth every penny.” – M.M., Idaho Springs, CO

“This course was exceptional! The audios with Dr. Claudia and Cate are engaging and informative, and having them to listen to over and over again is a great learning tool. I also enjoyed having the handouts to support the lecture material. Although I was unable to make any of the live calls, I did have my personal concerns addressed via the Facebook community, AND via one of the live calls that I listened to afterwards. I was so impressed by how organized and “interconnective” this experience was. I look forward to remaining connected to this wonderful group. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!” – G.M., Benton, PA

“I’m thankful – so much gratitude. I feel like everything I see, feel, know, wonder about is affected by what I am learning. I just keep finding myself nodding my head yes. And now I have to go to sleep.” – H.C., New York, NY

“I have so looked forward to these calls each week. I felt part of a community and getting up early no longer felt like some crazy thing I was doing on my own- I loved checking in on the feedback on Facebook and again feeling like I am not alone in this journey. I have found the talks life changing. The love and non-judgment with which you speak is nourishing as well as the content being so full….our whole family are going to bed and getting up earlier! We have much more enjoyable mornings because of this….Lots of love.” -  R.S., Wellington, NZ

“As a post-menopausal woman feeling quite hormonally unbalanced, I happened upon Dr. Claudia’s excellent book and this course–a wonderful combination to get clarification on many issues I’ve been concerned with. I also particularly appreciated the additional philosophical input from Dr. Claudia. Further, I am now looking forward to pursuing ayurveda to regain a healthful balance and to focus on creating a more fulfilling lifestyle…The insights you’ve both added throughout have really inspired me to make a shift in changing my life….Thanks again–this has been most helpful and inspiring!” - S.L., Brevard, NC

“I loved how deep this class got. There is a lot of information that when I heard for the first time made sense to me on a level that I haven’t thought of before, but feels like it’s in alignment with nature. I really enjoyed [exploring] the why of these seemingly simple routines, [and how they] can have such a profound affect on a person. It’s awesome to have these talks to refer back to and go even deeper [with] over time.  Thank you so much for the course!” - N.K., Jackson, WY

“Thanks so much for this opportunity to learn about my hormones and simple, easy and FREE things I can do every day to improve my health in both the short and long term.” – M.H., Madison, SD

“I am glad I took this course, it is very informative and the support from Cate and Dr. Claudia is undoubtedly very strong. Being part of the community helped me to make healthier changes in my life and stick to Dinacharya -and I certainly feel the benefits of it.  I think the topic of hormones is very complicated and not easily explained to people not in medical field…I am grateful for Dr.Claudia’s [article] on Dinacharya …” – N.K., Toronto, ON

“Very informative.  Helps in my own understanding of what is going on at this point in my life, and ties in so well with Dr. Claudia’s book. What would I suggest …….MORE!  This is just the beginning right!?  Wish I had this earlier….thank you for doing this.” – P.E., Hindsville, AZ

“I can’t think of a woman who wouldn’t gain so much, so deeply from this course. I have read Dr. Claudia’s book, but hearing her bring it alive and having her pull out the key focuses has brought the practices alive for me. The online community has been the best surprise, even if I haven’t always made time to respond, there have been so many moments of YES! I’m with you, tears when things resonate deeply and you don’t feel alone. Bless you, bless you both for holding this space for us and for sharing your wisdom and support.” - W.L., Queensland, Australia

“Thanks for a really great program. I enjoyed, learned, laughed and thought a lot.” – Y.M., Monsey, NY

“I think this course is great, and I have been recommending it and Dr. Claudia’s new book to others. Most of what was helpful for me was getting a more refined vocabulary and external support for what I already was doing most of the time. This gave me a more solid framework to discuss with my partner that I am not being rigid in needing to sleep and eat well and regularly, but that there is a basis in yoga and sister sciences for why that is critical to my emotional and physical health, especially at this time of transition to wise woman.” – E.G., Washington, DC

“I think overall the course has empowered me to feel confident in my self-healing capacity. With menopause in my near future, it is wonderful to know that I have some awesome tools to prevent or handle any potential issues that arise.” - J.M., New York, NY

“Listening to this course has not only deepened my understanding of how my female body operates, [but also] given me a really practical picture of how hormones do their job… More and more, to really hear and see how much we outspend our resources, it gets clearer that something’s gotta give; may it be positive change in our daily practice, rather than declining health. Hooray for this course!” - N.L., Attadale, Australia

“What was I struggling with? Stress overload, running a yoga studio business, serious mental illness relapse with my son, sudden death of my mother and perimenopausal challenges hitting me all at once. (irregular periods, skin rashes, anemia, hypothyroid. What changed:  Over 6 months … the skin rashes went away, and over one year, my periods went from erratic and heavy to regular and moderate, anemia dissipated( over the past year) and currently am weaning off thyroid med. The course illuminated for me that taking one or two simple self loving steps can begin to shift us out of the imbalanced pattern and open to our bodies innate healing capacity and wisdom.” - AD,  Jefferson, MA

“This class utterly convinced me about the power of dinacharya — both through hearing about its power from so many different perspectives and from doing it myself. It also opened me up more to the lifestyle side of yoga. I’ve found a lot of value in the mindfulness inherent in Ayurveda for living our lives.” – A.G.J., Nashville, TN

“This has been amazing. I’m just getting caught up on the recorded calls and haven’t been able to make them live but am still feeling the power in the community. Understanding that chronic stress is such a part of the fabric of our culture and physiological impact on our beings makes me sad, but it’s also sort of a relief. As someone who has dealt with anxiety for as long as I can remember (as well as the shame of not being able to manage it better) it’s helpful to understand that in many ways stress is the norm and to feel empowered by having ways to address it on multiple levels…Nadi Shodhana and the “dissolving obstructions” track have been really powerful…Reminders of the importance of love and focus and our ability to make new choices again and again and again have felt super supportive…A huge thank you to both of you for offering this invaluable information, encouragement and support!” – S.G., Minneapolis, MN

“…the main reason I LOVE Claudia’s teaching is already in this lesson [lesson 1]. It adds a whole new dimension to Ayurvedic teachings, such as how the practice of dinacharya affects one’s life (the impressions that were made early on). Most other teachers will just teach you to do dinacharya. Also, in the beginning, I was not entirely sure whether I’d like the community aspect of it, but I did enjoy reading the Facebook postings quite a bit.” – A.T., Washington, DC

Register now … and get access to the course, the community and the upcoming group momentum.