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Take your body plus your practices to next level of depth. Two annual courses in April and October.

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Body Thrive

Take up the habits to thrive in your body for a lifetime. Get ready for the next dimension of your life.

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Eat Green Challenge

Learn how to Eat Green with Desiree Rumbaugh and Cate Stillman in just 4 weeks!

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Young seedling growing in a soil.

Awake Living

Step-by-step guidance, innovative conversation, dynamic peer support, specific instruction all in one place.

We’ll find out what sparks joy – where the life force is strong for you – and shift your day-to-day into alignment with thrive.

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A total of seven courses around Ayurveda prepared to uplevel your inner body health revolution with peer support plus genius guidance.

Living Ayurveda

A 9 Month course with live plus online experience. Uplevel your inner body health!

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Healthier Hormones

Dr. Claudia Welch, author of Balance Your Hormones, created a course to our global Yoga community.

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Healthier Kids

Learn your kids constitution and how to teach him to take care of their body.

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Allergy Relief

A 2 hour class that will teach you how to clear your allergies for good.

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Mama Birthing

Practical Ayurveda crystalized for post-modern hip yoga mamas plus mama-to-be's.

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Immune Building 101

This potent 2 hour class will rock you into a better body rhythm and teach you to rebuild your immune integrity.

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Winter Traditions

Come next holiday season - do you want to do it better? Check out Winter Traditions and gift 5 pals the path of connectivity.

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Wellness Career

I know how to help you accelerate the wellness evolution of your students and clients, while doubling your income.


Yoga Health Coaching

Uplevel your off-the-mat skills as a yoga teacher or holistic expert with coaching the Ayurveda habits and increase your income.

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Yogahealer Business Course

Design and deliver your own signature system to double your income and your impact. Cate walks you through the process, step by step.

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