Periods, Power Cycles and Aligning with the new moon.

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What a weird word… period. A dot. Perhaps a bead on a mala. A time in the cycle that connotes a pause.

Not the word I would have chosen. Nope.
I choose  “power cycle”.  Instead of saying, “I’m on the rag.”, or “I just got my period,”, I say, “power cycle”. As in, “My power cycle just kicked into the flow gear.” Period.


Because your bleeding time is the most powerful reset button for your body as a menstruating woman.  Menstruation is the reason women live longer than men. Instead of storing ama (toxins)  in the blood (rakta dhatu) and liver (yakrut)…. you have access to the flush cycle.


Yesterday was the first new moon day, and day 1 of my power cycle.

The period of my period. Red blood. Low agni (power of digestion). Mellow, pleasant, intuitive mood. Body flushing blood.

I’m often asked,  

“How do I sync my menstruation with the moon cycle?” 

If you’re a menstruating woman and you don’t know if your menses correlates with the moon, I suggest you start to notice. Once you notice, start worshipping the moon and you’ll align. Anything you do to synchronize with Earth’s rhythms and your moon’s cycles will start the shift. Perhaps, most powerfully, is simply taking the time to squat, with heels planted, gazing at the moon throughout it’s cycle. Oh, how primitive…. I know.

For a more action-oriented  suggestion:
Take Trikatu or Banyan’s Kapha Digest for the 3 days during the dark phase of the moon.
2 capsules 3 x a day for 3 days.
Don’t do this if you have a high pitta condition or are already aggravated and irritated in general. It might take a few months. Be patient… and absorb the light of the moon into your womb. No really, try it.

Painful periods? Menstrual Problems?

If you’re one of the gals who moans on the couch, popping Motrin, you should read this book.

Maya Tiwari’s Amazing book to heal your menstrual woes.

For those not familiar with Sri Swamini Mayatitananda… her old school name is Maya Tiwari. This book isn’t for the casual. It’s powerful old school Ayurveda to realign your cycles. Period.

For those not looking for  old school Ayurveda, just grab my moon rhythm cheatsheet. You can print the Moon Rhythm Cheat sheet and tape it to your bathroom mirror. If it’s helpful, share this post with your friends, yoga students, clients. I wrote a simple power cycle story, included a moon chart, and a checklist. The checklist will power up your “power cycle”.

I find most women have no idea during what phase of the moon they menstruate. Oh, how embarrassing, really. Not for you, but for whomever educated you on your period in 7th grade health class. How far the patrriachial modernists went to usurp your power cycle. Oy vey (Yiddish: אױ װײ).

If you’re healthy and aligned, the moon will literally pull and pulse your womb along with the rest of you into vibrant health. The only symptom of a healthy power cycle is a mellow increased intuitive phase. Not bitchiness, pain, bloating, cramping, and food cravings.  Being in sync, your body is in flow, your agni mellow, your emotions relaxed. Your period is the easiest way to gage your health. Period. If you hate your period because your bloated and in pain…. you need to detox and align.

If you too are on day 1 today…. power on sista.

Menstrual problems are a sign that you’re not in sync and that your systems are out of whack. Fortunately, most don’t take long to completely reverse with diet a lifestyle.
For starters:

  • Eat only 3 meals a day (no snacking)!
  • Eat dinner by 7 pm.
  • Enjoy your evenings.
  • Go to bed early.
  • Don’t engage in stress patterns.
  • Exercise immediately upon arising, before food (or coffee).
  • Ditch your alcohol and caffeine addiction.
  • Drink green smoothies for breakfast and up your chlorophyll (leafy green) intake to 50% of your diet.

You can leave a comment on your relationship with the moon and your menstrual cycle.

Moon Rhythm Image

click to download and print


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Maureen Saringer - August 29, 2011


I wonder if you would consider writing a post speaking to the cycles of the moon as they relate to those of us who are no longer menstruating. I wish I had known all the above when I *was* still menstruating!

Thank you.

Cate Stillman - August 29, 2011

Thanks for bringing up the most asked question after the initial question!
It is worthy of a blog post.
In the meanwhile, suffice it to say, it’s all the same. You’re womb (even if it’s been extracted) still desires to be pulled by the moon and the tides. Nature is always available to open up our channels and pulsate life force through us. Be wild in the full moon and quiet in the new moon, and your power cycle will only grow as you age.

Thanks for the blog post: What I learned from an Ayurvedic Witch!

Keep in touch,

Tess - August 31, 2011

After a deep cleanse this spring and a major shift towards a more vegan and living foods diet, my cycle is now attuned with the moon. It blew me away when I had an 18 day cycle and then a 49 day cycle so that it would come with the new moon. I really enjoy being in tune with the moon’s cycle and watching the moon wax and wane. It totally changes how I’ve thought about my own fertility and planning for conception.

Cate Stillman - August 31, 2011

Tess – super rad.
I’m glad you’re tapping into the power of the moon – to attract the shakti to your womb!

Sarah - September 9, 2011

Thanks for this post, Cate! It has taken me two years since getting off birth control for my power cycle to get in sync with the moon (I would say “back” but I dont’ think mine ever was – in fact reading THE RED TENT might have been my first clue that my cycle SHOULD align with the moon). Here are a couple things I’ve noticed. Pre-birth-control period: 7 to 9 days, Now: 3. Also, I no longer need nurophen+, naxopren sodium, or advil to “get through” those days. Yes, I still drink cramp bark tea; yes, I still have plenty of cleansing and aligning to do… but I’m well on my way.

Cate Stillman - September 11, 2011

I know… most girls don’t grow up knowing about the 3 day period.
As far as I can tell, when our body is healthy and the channels are open,
the 3 day pain-free period is the icing on the cake.

Brooke Padilla-Schoudel - July 16, 2012

awesome! I have always bled on the new moon; I even sync other women around me to the new moon. lol I didn't know this had any significance.

Monicka - August 31, 2012

Hi Cate,

I stumbled upon your website because i was browsing the web to learn more about my moon cycle aligning with the full moon, not the new moon. I feel connected to the moon and since conciously acknowledging her cycle, this is where I have aligned. Your thought on this? Because we’ve had two full moons this month, I am on day 1 today, the second one and right as expected! Thank you!

Cate Stillman - August 31, 2012

Hi Monicka,
Attuning your psyche and body to the moon and letting yourself get swayed to either of the polarities, full or new is more important than trying to manipulate your cycle either way.

Allow Nature to move you – and you’ll naturally be in sync. For many women it changes, full to new, new to full.

Jade Kennedy - April 10, 2013

Day 1 today! Woot!

sacs longchamp - April 16, 2013

most of the long-term durability would be a concern if you wish to regularly cram them in a travel travelling bag.

Desi Forbes - April 16, 2013


Cate Stillman - April 21, 2013

What are you referring too?

Sophia Haralambeia Kopasakis - April 25, 2013

Today is day one for me and I feel like everything is going wrong! Full moons aggravate me and then my period aggravates me and it so happens I have them both going on at the same time! I feel like I want to start punching the crap out of every thing in sight. I have this intense urge to go tornado on everything and just start breaking everything. I hate this…

Cate Stillman - April 25, 2013

I”m sorry to hear you’re having a rough time.
Sounds like your pitta doshas is out of whack. We could work 1-1 or check out the Healthier-Hormones e-Course under Courses.

Nikki - July 25, 2013

I started today – after bleeding less than two weeks ago (ON birth control no less). I have signficantly changed my diet to mostly greens and veggies and upped my yoga/exercise over the past couple weeks.
Is it normal for my body/the moon have a greater impact than bc? I’m stoked, if so, but also curious :-).

Cate Stillman - October 31, 2013

Rock on Sandra. I'm so glad to hear it.

Cate Stillman - October 31, 2013

Sophia, try the Yogidetox

Cate Stillman - October 31, 2013

Yes, Nikki. It is. The more in tune and sensitive you become, the greater the impact you will feel.

Zowye - November 14, 2013

My period after years of struggles has become more predictable in terms of determine which day is start. I used to have periods longer than one week with heavy bleeding. Now they only last at tops 6 days with some cramps during the 2nd day but that is it. Don’t know how to interpret this but they usually start 3 to 2 days before the full moon. I usually ovulate around the new moon.

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