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The Evolving Dharma of Advocacy with the Microphone with Elsie Escobar

On the path of awake living Dharma changes with time. Elsie Escobar, famous yogini podcaster, returns to talk about her evolving dharma with the mic. Obviously we have more access to more conversations than ever before. We also have more access to better conversations. And we all have the ability to grab the mic and start the conversation we most want to be part of. Yogis have transmitted teaching via vibration, via audio. What happens when...

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The Mystical Powers of Your Internal Organs, A Chinese Medicine Perspective with Brodie Welch

Brodie grew up in the shadow of her older half sister - Dr. Claudia Welch. Dharmically driven to her own path as a healer and TCM wisdom maven Brodie shares with us today how to develop a relationship with our internal organs. Just take a moment and ask your kidneys what kind of day they are having. Ask your liver what it wants for dinner. Ask your lungs what they want to do next. One of...

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Ancient Ayurvedic Superfoods for Biohackers, ultra athletes and yogis with Joel Einhorn

You know when an old friend you really like tells you that you need to meet their new friend? When they say your two worlds collide and line up in unexpected ways? Such was my intro from the famous rockclimber Jimmy Chin to my new friend Joel Einhorn. Joel is making Ayurvedic formulas, traditionally prepared, hip to the world of western Biohackers, ultra athletes and yogis. Based on an intersection on Chavanprash (an ayurvedic brain optimizing...

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Donna Farhi on Teaching + Practicing Yoga

On today’s show with Donna Farhi I confirm that Advanced Yoga is… drum roll please….  Being completely who you Are. Every now and then we have a true modern guru on the Yogahealer show. (The rest of us i like to call  “good hacks”, and I lovingly place myself in the latter category.) On today’s show we are blessed with the presence of Donna Farhi - who tends not to make it onto the www much. Donna...

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Sunni Brown

Visual thinking & spiritual intelligence with Sunni Brown

I first read The Doodle Revolution when it came out somehow miraculously it crossed my path and changed the way I think, the way I work, the way I coach. When Sunni said she’d talk to me I was over the moon. She and I are running parallel universes that finally intersected on the topics of Visual Thinking, Design Thinking, Game Thinking and Applied Improv. She is the specialist. I am the dillitante. If you're into any...

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10 Tips For Intermittent Fasting with Ayurvedic Wisdom

I just in yet another Ayurveda book that fasting is dangerous. I couldn’t disagree more. The power of aligning to an optimized digestive fire involves some serious fasting. I love intermittent fasting - the 16/8 method -where you fast for 16 hours per 24 hour cycle and have 8 hours of feed time. In today’s episode I give you my 10 best tips in hopes of inspiring you to stop eating so frequently. I want...

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