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Ayurveda for Women’s Mental + Emotional Thrive with Mary Thompson

Mary Thompson was my first teacher in Ayurveda College. I know hundreds of Ayurvedic Practitioners can say the same. We talk about how all psychological problems - like anxiety, frustration, depression - originate in our biorhythms being out of sync. For women who have the monthly hormonal roller coaster and the menopause shift we are often more aware of how what is going on in our bodies is affecting our mental and emotional experience.   Vata...

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Productivity + Connectivity Tips For a Dharmic Life

Long time student, Mo Horton, asked me a question for the podcast. She asked, “What body habits will make the critical difference… individually and collectively…  for us to show up as our optimal best… for ourselves and for the next generation?” Mo’s heartfelt question landed as being exactly on pointe for me dharmically, I decided to devote this episode to answering it at my growing edge. What habits do I see as making the pivotal difference for...

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Communication Skills

Communication Skills for Yoga Teachers (+ everyone else) with Julia Beauchamp

Who is in the front line of spirituality in the western world? Yoga teachers. More and more, yoga teachers are the gateway drug for people who lost touch with their spirit to reconnect. And to do this job well requires very decent communication skills. Here is where  Julia Beauchamp enters the conversation. Get up to speed on how to consistently show up, prepare, and deliver a transformational experience. Anyone in the field of teaching, speaking, or...

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Dharma & Dollars (1)

Kali, Rakta Bija + Burning Your Partnerships

Any partnership I’m in I want to be a strategic partnership. Strategic partnerships require structure. Structure in how what values we both hold, how we meet, what we do when we meet, how we plan, how we co-create, how we reflect and review what we’ve created. WIthout structure for dynamic growth, we enter stagnation. Stagnation is a pathology in Ayurveda. Stuff in your mind needs to go on an agenda. The balance between fire and water, action...

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Teens & Parents on the Path to Evolutionary Communication + Better Relationships

If you want to hear what parenting teens at the evolutionary level sounds like and looks like you’ll want to tune into this conversation. I met Denise Ackert of Inner Light Health Works when I was just starting out as an Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner. Denise - a master bodyworker and birth doula -  instantly “saw” me, though I was almost 10 years younger and way less evolved than her. She recognized my essence and potential right...

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Strategic Planning

Lessons Learned in Strategic planning for personal growth

  The balance between fire and water, action and reflection is the key to strategic growth. Without building structure for reflection, you can’t absorb your lessons learned. When you don’t absorb your lessons learned, you repeat past. When you repeat the past, you end up in the land of stagnation, negative feedback loops and can even fall into regression. Do you agree with the statement: “The structure always precedes the evolution”? I didn’t know this under 2016...

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