Edible Plants

Yantras on the Path of Yoga + Ayurveda

Susan Fauman loves shapes. From what I can tell she thinks in shapes. She makes her food into shapes and takes pictures of those shapes. While it’s all in the art of play, the shapes come from her 15 years of study and teaching in Yoga & Ayurveda, and her love of Yantra. Earth Element. Oatmeal with turmeric and butter. Cooked oats have an incredibly soothing effect on the nervous system and help build stamina. The addition of turmeric increases their warming capacity and butter helps smooth their rough quality. Prepared...

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Boutique, Hand-Crafted, Designer Fermented Foods

Truth be told, I messed up my intestinal flora. I know it happens. But it really doesn’t “happen.” I caused a series of events that allowed dysbiosis “to happen.” This series of events knocked out my good intestinal flora. But since this blog post is a recipe, I’ll spare you the details. Here’s the keyword version of it: eating homegrown greens and veggies for five months > Yogidetox > juicing > enemas > eating fermented foods > travel/hotels > relocate to Mexican condo > stop eating fermented foods > get...

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Lessons on Ridiculous Abundance from Sharing Seeds

I’m a seed saver. I never used to be. I never thought much about seeds until about 15 years ago when I started to garden. Now, I’m not just a seed saver - I’m a seed sharer. I gather my seeds as part of the autumnal harvest and package them into holiday gifts for my core peeps. Being a seed sharer matured my understanding of Ayurveda. From Ayurveda I learned the seed is the bija. The seed is the condensation of the consciousness and essence of the plant distilled into it’s most...

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Digestives, Apples, + One pot meals

We nursed an old apple tree back to life. When we moved to 507 N. Hwy 33 in Tetonia, ID we had a withered gnarly severely old dehydrated apple tree. We watered it for a few years before it sprouted leaves again. Then, a few years later it grew an apple. This year we harvested a few brimming bags. She is back! Anyone with an apple tree knows it provides an insane amount of fruit. Apple is high in pectin - which is a soothing bulk laxative. In Autumn, if you’re...

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Train your Eye to Spot Thrive

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post on my love affair with chokecherries. Everywhere I turn I see superfoods. I feel hyper-nourished, and more than deeply abundant. It wasn’t always so with me. I used to look for my savior and salvation in an herbal concoction. I used to spend money on supplements. I can pick a pound of chokecherries in about 15 minutes. Most of my neighbors and friends here in the Tetons are surrounded by chokecherries and other superfoods that haven’t yet landed in the media as...

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How To Use Chokecherries: An Ayurvedic Perspective

I lived in the Tetons for 15 years before harvesting chokecherries. I wish I’d known sooner! Chokecherries grow in insane abundance in this part of the world: You can pick pounds in an hour! I asked Indy’s grandparents who are from the area if they’d harvested chokecherries while growing up. When they said yes, I asked how they used them. They responded with nothing out of the ordinary, only mentioning they’d made syrup for pancakes. I’m not that into dousing wild natives in white sugar. So I figured you might want to...

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