intermittent fasting

Owning Your Emotional Eating by transforming your fat with Intermittent Fasting

When Grace Edison asked me to mentor her, I thought, “oh, boy. What am i getting into.” Yogahealer Real Life Show listeners know I talk a lot about mentoring. Grace is making me walk my talk through our 1-1 conversations. Grace has lost 60 pounds since taking up the Body Thrive habits. [Body Thrive Book], 6-0.  Not 10. Not 20. Not even 50. I’d say she has another 12 or so to go before she is ama-free (or free of carrying unprocessed waste, and poor quality un-integrated matter). Not bad,...

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Kim Constable

Living a Detoxed Life with Kim Constable

I invited Kim Constable of deyogatox.com to be a guest teacher in the April 2017 Yogidetox. She created a beautiful library of yoga videos to accompany her detox program. Today we talk about what living a detoxed life is like, with kids, with work, with life! From Kim Constable: I've recently forayed into the world of bodybuilding and as a vegan competitor, I am hugely in the minority. People are curious and fascinated as to how I can eat enough protein to build the muscle necessary to compete at this level of...

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Acharya Shunya

The Wisdom of Rhythm, Integrity + Dharma with Acharya Shunya

Acharya Shunya was born into an Ayurvedic lineage. Her guru was her grandpa. Her life was Ayurveda from the beginning. Today we talk about her new book- Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom. My daughter’s education outside the home has little to do with deep wisdom. It has more to do with practical life skills. She goes to school for math, language training, socialization, a little art. After school she learns gymnastics. I’m sure there is implicit wisdom in her day to day learnings. But explicit wisdom? Wisdom for the raw sake of wisdom? She...

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Why Meditation Opens Time, Ease, + Inner Trust

Many of us have been doing meditation for a long time. Others of us have not. Why do meditators keep meditating? Why is it hard for some people to start? What is only possible when we give our mind a little breathing room and our awareness some time to soak up beingness. Tom Evans is an ex-BBC TV engineer who became an author, podcast host and meditation guide by accident. His passion is helping people get in and stay in the zone. His latest book is The Authority Guide to Practical...

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Eating Disorders to Cookbook Writer with Talya’s Kitchen

The more we deepen our path of yoga the more we discover our dharma and our karma. Often with the help of a guide, a guru or a mentor our journey becomes sparkier, more connected, and opportunities just come about. Talya’s story is the healer’s journey - from disconnected to deeply aware, intune. She tells the path she walked from her disconnect with food to her celebration of the senses through Ayurvedic cooking. She is a chef, a cookbook writer, yoga teacher and Ayurvedic healer with a deep love of bringing...

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Sarita Rocco

How to Heal your ancestral patterns with Ayurveda with Sarita Rocco

From Maya Tiwari, “Honoring your ancestors is the first step in reclaiming your spiritual heritage. As you begin to recover your ancestral memories, you will also uncover unconscious, troubled memories that prevent you from knowing the truth of who you are. According to the Vedic sages, we humans are the only species which has the power of intuition. Yet too easily we forfeit our sacred birthright and with it the ability to change and grow, create, and strive for inner freedom. We have largely forgotten the joy, love, and wellness...

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Katie Silcox

Feeling Your Eroticism, Love + Self-Love with Katie Silcox

When Katie Silcox released her book, Healthy, Happy, Sexy - Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women - I wondered, who is this gal? I had never heard of her. I was jealous. I feel energy rise up in my second chakra just admitting I was jealous. Women’s jealousy is an interesting beast to ride. Over the years I’ve come to recognize jealousy as a live-giving shakti that points me in the direction of a true sister. With my jealousy comes my respect. As I witnessed her success, as her book translating Ayurveda...

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Susan Fauman

Drawing Your Chakras, Elements + Yantras on the Path of Yoga + Ayurveda with Susan Fauman

Susan Fauman loves shapes. From what I can tell she thinks in shapes. She makes her food into shapes and takes pictures of those shapes. While it’s all in the art of play, the shapes come from her 15 years of study and teaching in Yoga & Ayurveda, and her love of Yantra. I rap with Susan Fauman about shaping our brain with shapes How the five elements show up in yantras Why you want to use simple yantras in everyday life The benefits of doodling the 5 elements What you’ll get out of tuning...

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Ayurveda for Women’s Mental + Emotional Thrive with Mary Thompson

Mary Thompson was my first teacher in Ayurveda College. I know hundreds of Ayurvedic Practitioners can say the same. We talk about how all psychological problems - like anxiety, frustration, depression - originate in our biorhythms being out of sync. For women who have the monthly hormonal roller coaster and the menopause shift we are often more aware of how what is going on in our bodies is affecting our mental and emotional experience.   Vata imbalance contributes to anxiety, fear, mental instability and insomnia Pitta imbalance may give rise to anger...

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Communication Skills

Communication Skills for Yoga Teachers (+ everyone else) with Julia Beauchamp

Who is in the front line of spirituality in the western world? Yoga teachers. More and more, yoga teachers are the gateway drug for people who lost touch with their spirit to reconnect. And to do this job well requires very decent communication skills. Here is where  Julia Beauchamp enters the conversation. Get up to speed on how to consistently show up, prepare, and deliver a transformational experience. Anyone in the field of teaching, speaking, or acting will learn a truckload from our chat today. I rap with Julia Beauchamp about How...

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