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The Yoga of an Effective Dharma Workstudy Program

Yoga has worked on the barter system since the beginning. “I’ll trade my service for your wisdom.” I’ve been part of workstudy programs since I started training as a teacher and a practitioner. As a former yoga studio owner we had a dynamic workstudy program and even a live-in intern role.  In this show I talk with Rachel Peters  who is the Team Leader of the Yogahealer + Yoga Health Coaching workstudy program, which we call Paths to Leadership. Find out how Rachel stepped into workstudy with me and took over...

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The Evolving Dharma of Advocacy with the Microphone with Elsie Escobar

On the path of awake living Dharma changes with time. Elsie Escobar, famous yogini podcaster, returns to talk about her evolving dharma with the mic. Obviously we have more access to more conversations than ever before. We also have more access to better conversations. And we all have the ability to grab the mic and start the conversation we most want to be part of. Yogis have transmitted teaching via vibration, via audio. What happens when you invest your attention, your ears and your voice more consciously? Evolution happens. Advocacy happens....

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Ancient Ayurvedic Superfoods for Biohackers, ultra athletes and yogis with Joel Einhorn

You know when an old friend you really like tells you that you need to meet their new friend? When they say your two worlds collide and line up in unexpected ways? Such was my intro from the famous rockclimber Jimmy Chin to my new friend Joel Einhorn. Joel is making Ayurvedic formulas, traditionally prepared, hip to the world of western Biohackers, ultra athletes and yogis. Based on an intersection on Chavanprash (an ayurvedic brain optimizing formula first documents in  the Charaka Samhita, the ancient Ayurvedic treatise[3] from the early first...

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Sunni Brown

Visual thinking & spiritual intelligence with Sunni Brown

I first read The Doodle Revolution when it came out somehow miraculously it crossed my path and changed the way I think, the way I work, the way I coach. When Sunni said she’d talk to me I was over the moon. She and I are running parallel universes that finally intersected on the topics of Visual Thinking, Design Thinking, Game Thinking and Applied Improv. She is the specialist. I am the dillitante. If you're into any of that - you’ll love the conversation. And you’ll start to get very interested in...

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Tracey Duncan

Exponential Growth + Collective Leadership: A conversation with Tracey Duncan

Tracey Duncan wins Yoga Health Coach Popularity Contest and Cate calls her for conversational partnership. Listen in and spark your exponential growth. We met when I started reading her blog posts on the YHC blog. She was honest and interesting and had sweet tats. I wanted to know who this chick is. As a YHC member she came to the Yogahealer Retreat. In this show we talk about what happens when you tap into exponential growth. And quit smoking. And Collective Leadership and Yoga Teachers + Money + Metrics + Real...

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How to Become an Influencer with Esther Kiss

Today’s episode was entirely self-serving as I drill PR expert Ester Kiss on what I should know about PR as an influencer. If you're also trying to be a positive force for good in the world - you’ll want to get how it works in today’s day. In today’s episode learn from Ester on how to build your platform and be strategic about creating the right positioning for yourself to become a true influencer. I drill PR pro Esther Kiss on: How to get attention when you want it How to...

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Connectivity, Ojas + Productivity: Ayurvedic Chats with Dr. Claudia Welch

Three of my favorite words are Connectivity, Productivity + Dharma. Without connectivity productivity is futile. It comes at the expense at that which enables it. Without dharma, connectivity goes a little flat. I am one lucky gal because I get to ask my much more esteemed colleagues about what I think about. One such colleague is Dr. Claudia Welch. You’ve heard her on the she many times to save women from a life devoid of ritual, rhythm and a little ruckus. I rap with Dr. Claudia Welch about Connectivity, Productivity + Dharma Investigate...

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Habits of Enlightenment

Habit Evolution + Power of your Constitution

I know that a coach, coaches for a living. I teach them the habits of enlightenment, so they can help their students and everyone around them. If you have the habits of Yogis, we can make amazing progress very fast. If you want to know how to instill the habits of enlightenment in others, this D&D show is definitely for you. I rap about the Habits of Enlightenment + Biohacking + Ayurveda and The Power of your Constitution What you’ll get out of tuning in What are the Habits of Enlightenment The Power of...

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Deborah Zucker

Deep Health = Kind Voices in your Head with Deborah Zucker

Have you noticed the voices in your head? Have you noticed if they are nice? Would you talk to a friend that way? One way to know you are entering stages of deeper health is the voices become cool to listen to. You hear your brighter future calling to you. You hear love, empathy, joy, and even the voice of silence and stillness. In the few conversations I’ve had with Deborah Zucker I never know where we’ll go together. This woman can drop into a co-creative conversation as a true companion....

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Katie Krimitsos

Woman, The Emotional Wisdom of Women in Business with Katie Krimitsos

I’m curious about the power of my emotions to fuel my growth. I’m curious because as I rock my small business I notice it’s quite an emotional journey. Big breakthroughs happen as old systems break down. How do we tap into the intelligence of our emotions? How do we enjoy or be in JOY in our ride as women living multifaceted modern lives? This is the conversation today on the D’arma and Dolla’s show with my conversational comrade - Katie Krimitsos of Biz Women Rock. I rap with Katie Krimitsos about Women Taking...

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