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Thank you for being here.
It means the world to me that you’re curious about spreading the word.
All of our members come via word of mouth. If you like what I do around here and you want to spread the word, I want to make sure you’re compensated.
That’s the heart of being a Yogahealer Affiliate Partner.
Again, thanks for checking this out. Read on and watch the video above. I hope you sign up!
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Lead The Journey

The Simple 3-Step Formula for Designing, Packaging, and Scaling a Profound Transformational Journey That Attracts The Perfect Tribe of Committed Clients for Wellness Pros
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For wellness professionals

Easy to promote

Affordable price point to maximize revenue

High payout

Well-designed media assets

How much will you earn?


You get a REVENUE SHARE of $147

You earn more than 70% of commission.

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