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ALTA WORKSHOP at Cate’s Wyoming House

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Cate's House, Alta, WY, USA

July 28 - 30, 2022


Upgrade your thinking. Upgrade your opportunities. Upgrade your results.

Cate hosts the Alta event in her modern home. Come with your opportunities and your challenges. Leave with an action plan and an activated network.




“So great. She was strong enough. So she came back and realizes now, okay, this is working and I don’t have to go back on my medication.”



“I mean, it’s just like everyone wants to support each other and community, and I’ve never felt alone in the community.”

Action Plan


“It’s like, do I know just enough, am I had just enough to be able to impart some wisdom and some experience and that in doing that, it just, my musical.”

WHY BEING WITH CATE is Life-Changing

Cate Stillman, Transformational Coach

“Being at a live event led by Cate Stillman was a life-changing experience.”
This is the most common feedback. Words like “transformational”, “mind-bowing”, “metamorphic”, and “revitalizing” describe the experience you are about to have. One event member recently said, “she had a miracle.”
That’s how Cate rolls.
The value is in your transformation.
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