Living Ayurveda Masterclasses Series

Are you curious how the ancestral wisdom of Ayurveda can help you step into radiant longevity? 

Join Cate and four Living Ayurveda mentors in this 4 Free Live Masterclass series and get a better understanding of how your body works best. 

Once you know how to heal yourself, you can help others heal.  

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In this series, we’re pairing up with four mentors from our Living Ayurveda course

If you’re interested in ayurveda, if you want a better understanding of how to thrive in your body, if you’re curious about how you can help yourself or others benefit from the wisdom of ayurveda, don’t miss out on this free training!

Living Ayurveda Masterclass Series 

with Living Ayurveda Mentors and Cate Stillman 

Alexandra Epple

Sarita Linda Rocco

Mary Sullivan

Anne Welle

Cate Stillman

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Dicover your Ayurveda healing path...

Self Healer

  • I carry extra weight and thus waste that circulates through the bloodstream, creating unpleasant emotions.

  • I live out of integrity with what I know to be healthy and beneficial for my body, living in a way that doesn't align with how I want to feel.  

Family Healer

  • My family members have not identified our values, or if we have, we live out of alignment with our values and our intuition.
  • We have foggy/unclear communication surrounding our health and life goals. 


Pro Healer

  • I am not clear on my passion, purpose, or dharma, or haven't yet taken the steps needed toward living them fully. 

  • I feel confused about what the right path is for making an impact in the world or in the lives of others. 



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Alexandra Epple

Masterclass 1

Bring Ayurveda into Your Practice, Your Teachings and Your Personal Wisdom Journey  

Sarita Linda Rocco

Masterclass 2

Transferring Ancestral Wisdom into Family Thrive 

Mary Sullivan

Masterclass 3

Getting to the Root of Your Autoimmune Disease with Ayurveda  

Anne Welle

Masterclass 4

Becoming Your Own True Self Healer with Ayurveda feel free to tailor it


 All classes will be Tuesday at 10:00 am PDT; 1:00 pm EDT; 5:00 pm UTC. 

Your Ayurveda Mentors

Alexandra Epple CAS, CMT is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, yoga instructor, Yoga Health Coach, bodyworker, and Midlife Coach. Alexandra is a mentor for Living Ayurveda pro healers. We’ll be teaching you how to bring ayurveda into your practice, your teachings, and your personal wisdom journey.  

Sarita Linda Rocco has been studying and practicing Ayurveda since 1996. She is personally trained by Maya Tiwari, world spiritual leader who is famous for her work on ancestral healing. Sarita is a mentor for Living Ayurveda family healers. We’ll teach you how to transfer ancestral wisdom into family thrive.  

Mary Sullivan MS, KRM, AYS is a writer, teacher, researcher, long-time member of the Yogahealer community, and mentor for Living Ayurveda self healers. Mary and I will discuss how to address the root of autoimmune diseases.  

Anna Welle is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Health Coach, Reiki Therapist, and Initiate as a Priestess of the Moon. She is a Living Ayurveda mentor for self healers who loves working with young women who are committed to personal growth and better health. Anna and I will teach you about using ayurveda for your own unique needs.  

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Your Host

Cate Stillman has organically grown since 2001 as a hub for a practical, planetary and evolutionary approach to Ayurveda. She hosts a weekly podcast, The Yogahealer Real Life Show. Cate founded the Worldwide Association of Yoga Health Coaching™ for wellness experts and yoga teachers to coach their clients into the habits of thrive via integrating Ayurveda with behavioral science and evolutionary group dynamics.  

If you’re live on the call, we’ll answer other questions you might have too! Register now! 

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