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About Cate Stillman

CATE STILLMAN is leading the 12th annual the Living Ayurveda Course from October  -  June

She founded in 2001, Yoga Health Coaching in 2012 and author of the amazon's best selling Ayurveda book Book, Body Thrive. 

Ayurvedic holds the key to you awakening your inner healing powers, to optimizing your metabolism, to building your immune power, to knowing your unique intelligence.

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  • Smitten by Ayurvedic wisdom?
  • Excited to know more about your chakras?
  • Interested to empower your constitution?
  • Wanting to heal your digestion?
  • Curious about deep immune strength?

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How to Design Your Body, Design Your Dream Life

The Wisdom of Yoga In Your Body

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  1.  You want to empower yourself with the wellness wisdom of Ayurveda.  

  2. You are on a lifelong journey of personal evolution.

  3. You want to thrive. Ayurveda holds the key.

3 reasons to start your Ayurveda free training today:

"Ayurveda transformed how I do yoga as a student, as well as how I teach yoga in helping my yoga students transform their lives in working from a more Ayurvedic approach from a traditional yoga approach with postures and just really like bringing the breath into the postures."

Lisa Souba

"I feel like I was just stuck in a very small mind for a very long time.  I felt the need to overdo it. I wore myself out. When I found Ayurveda, I realigned with my rhythm. I healed. And I healed my mind.  Learning Ayurveda has actually been a process of simplification for me, finding the beauty in that simplification, and the power in it." 


"Though learning  Ayurveda, everything  evolved. From my health, to the health of the people close to me, even my boyfriend who I live with, as well as the way I teach yoga, and where I want to take my wellness career has changed and evolved, thanks to Ayurveda."


How to Thrive

with Ayurveda

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