Detox Poetry

Detox Poetry

Just for today,

  • I will rise before the sun, and let my body rest when the sun rests.
  • I will eat only enough to feel my agni (digestive fire) burning ama (toxins).
  • I will feel the season and the weather in my bones.
  • I will notice the earth and the sky and the trees.
  • I will sip hot water between meals or juices.
  • I will take time for walking and sitting quietly.
  • I will nourish my body and emotions with an oil massage and a bath.
  • I will allow my cravings and emotions to wash through me without a trace.
  • I will turn to my intuition to guide my choices with plant foods.
  • I will forget about doing this cleanse “right” and just feel the process of creating space within.


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    Posted at 18 October 2010

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    I need a link to the Forum please!


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