Women are Water, part 3… the wrap up.

Women are Water, part 3… the wrap up.

Anyone who knows me personally, knows i used to biatch and moan about fibrocystic breasts (FCB).

Sure, I have a genetic predisposition, which just means I have a shorter leash on my lymph system (rasa dhatu). Women have a harder time lymph b/c lymph is mostly water and women have more water element.

My Yogidetox forum revealed many others suffering from this horrid condition…. and this yogi-based subgroup would be judged “super healthy” by modern standards. Most women now have imbalances with their menses or menopause. “Female issues” are the norm in our culture.


Our culture runs on stress, caffeine, and processed nutrients. (Humans used to eat mostly green plant foods. Green plants food cleanse the blood.) We’re too acidic, or stressed on the mental/emotional front instead of the physical front, or out of sync with the diurnal/nocturnal cycle with eating and sleeping.

Acidic beverages = Dehydration = Female issues

Lack of interval/intensity in exercise = Stagnation = “Female issues”

Bed after 10 pm = inadequate renewal time = “Female issues”

Below are some simple strategies based on body type.
If you follow all three recommendations, you balance all three doshas. If you blow off the one that is more for your type, you suffer more.

For Vata: You are more transparent, sensitive and easily lose track of center. You need REGULARITY. Eat at at the same times everyday (between 7-7), 3 meals is optimal, and go to bed before 10 pm most nights.

For Pitta: You are more intense and hyper-motivated which can easily turn in to an internally acidic environment. You must mind your systems low tolerance for acidic substances & mental overuse (coffee, tea, chocolate, crack, workaholism). Grow fresh mint in your garden or windowsill and drink mint water this summer. Eat a living foods diet.

For Kapha: you are more centered, but the waterways get clogged. You need to wake up and exercise for 20 minutes every
morning. Interval training (in yoga, cycling, whatever) is essential for elevating heart rate, deeper breathing, faster circulation & elimination of toxins. Push yourself then rest. Repeat. Repeat. Daily.

Now, we can all follow the suggestions per dosha and be better off. Or it won’t be as good a day. Or as good a tomorrow. Or as easeful a Period. Period.

FCB and other “female issues” are an option. Not required.
Just because you may be genetically “predisposed” doesn’t mean external forces are determining your behaviors which select for that actualization. Read that sentence again.
It’s empowering. If you are looking for the science behind it, google epigenetics.

Determine your health reality. If you have FCB or menstrual issues – go on a green foods detox. Once you are detoxed, maintain your wellth with the V,P,K tips above. I love having smaller detoxed clear-channel boobs. (Also, use that thistle recipe for fast-cleansing action.
For those who are looking for some additional plant-based support for FCB and other ““Female issues”,

For Vata: combine take shatavari and manjistha. 1/2 tsp. of each 2 x  a day as a cup of tea.

For Pitta: take manjistha and turmeric. 1/2 tsp. of each 2 x  a day as a cup of tea.

For Kapha: take punarnava and manjishta, with a pinch of ginger. 1/2 tsp. of each 2 x  a day as a cup of tea.

Ayurvedic herbs are available and sustainably harvested through Banyan Botanicals.

Here is to eradicating PMS & menopausal suffering.

p.s. For anyone looking for support on the emotional front of making food changes, check out this wonderful summer opportunity with a dear colleague, Angela Stokes-Monarch.

p.p.s. Angela is a guest speaker for the Sept. 2011-May 2012 Living Ayurveda course, along with Chef Johnny (Eat, Taste, Heal), Bruce Fife (The Detox Book & Oil Pulling Therapy), Melanie Sachs (Ayurvedic Beauty Care), and 5 others!! There are 10 spots left at last year’s price!

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    Posted at 13 March 2017

    Hi Cate, I’m looking for the tip sheet you said to print up and give to your girlfriends. Not finding it.
    Thjank you.


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