Do you invest or spend during December?

Do you invest or spend during December?

I love this message from

I’ll go out on a limb and assume you’ve had this same question arise.

Our traditions are so 1950’s. So completely outdated… and not worth instilling in future generations.

I ask you to look at what you spent last year.
Is it line with your yoga? Your practices? Your core values?

And if your spending isn’t in line with your core values (like you buy a live Christmas tree each year even though you’re anti-deforestation), I ask you to pause and reconsider.

What you spend your money on is supposedly what you value most. Reflect. Where are you in alignment? Where are you out of alignment? Let me know in the comments.

What needs to change this December for you to step deeper into alignment. Let me know in the comments.

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  • Judith Austin
    Posted at 27 November 2011

    “The best things in life aren’t things”…isn’t it the truth…and after years of holiday gift giving I decided to give my family, friends and co workers the Yellowstone wolves sponsered through Defenders of Wildlife…caused a bit of a stir but reintroducing the wolves into the ecosystem was important to me…so….then about ten years ago I started giving gifts from the Heifer International Program….a goat, water buffalo,etc…great program and my sister saw the light and started giving Heifer as well…then I gave a donation on behalf of my family and friends to Earthfire Institute in Tetonia…a wildlife sanctuary and retreat center,,,,my real friends are used to these gifts by now….it seems one of my core values is honoring the earth, her magnificant creatures and all life……. Last Christmas I let a childhood friend stay with us for the holidays..He was “lost” after a traumic divorce and was thinking of relocating to the area……his behavior was “erratic”…I contacted his family in Florida….he had been a linebacker in the NFL and had recently been diagnosed with brain damage… took six months, working with his family, to get him into care…this Thanksgiving we were visiting by phone and he thanked me….I think that was the best gift that I have ever given….This year I am baking gifts…..I guess friendships and nuture are important to me as well…thanks, Cate, for making me think….for raising awareness in all of us….have a warm, happy, peaceful holiday….

  • Cate Stillman
    Posted at 27 November 2011

    That is beautiful and inspiring, Judith.
    THanks for sharing!


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