What does Desiree Rumbaugh Eat?

What does Desiree Rumbaugh Eat?

Do you want to know what Desiree eats? For those who don’t know the world famous yogini Desiree Rumbaugh, she is a yogini-in evolution, a traveling rockstar of a worldwide transformation agent ablaze with living her yoga in authenticity and earnest.

I’m giving you a potent 14 minute audio clip of an interview that is part of the interview series in spring’s Yogidetox course. This audio will ignite your desire to step into your evolutionary potential in your body.

Listen and learn.

Below is a paraphrase from Desiree:

 “I keep asking questions until (aspects of my life are) really truly authentically good. I’m a tough customer. My life is amazing and has been co-created to be this way by me and the many people I embrace. What you’re eating, what you’re listening too, all of that has evolved over the years to be cleaner, truer, purer, and more full of prana. I’m not imposing it on myself. It’s not just discipline. I’m not sure that works. I’m always in harmony with myself. I’m never forcing. That’s ahimsa.”

Listen and learn about:

  • Desiree’s food evolution
  • Her latest detox in a nutshell
  • Why she explores energy optimization through food

This rest of Desiree’s interview, and 5 others with vibrant health leaders, are part of the support you receive in this season’s Yogidetox courses. The 2012 live courses are April 1, May 1 and October 1. If you enjoyed this interview and want to kick up your own food evolution a solid notch, I want to support you.  The Yogidetox includes recipes, helpful videos, live calls with me and a place online to get your questions answered quickly. Join my next live Yogidetox course, and get cutting edge guidance, support , and inspiration to have a blast in your body!



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  • Michelle
    Posted at 31 March 2012

    Thanks Cate and Desiree, I really enjoyed your conversation~ perfect inspiration for a spring cleanse.

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