Prana, your digestive tract, and eating green

Prana, your digestive tract, and eating green

Your digestive tract is your Maha Vaha Srota.

And why should you care?

I assume you like me grew up in the West, and with a Western perspective of the body as machine. The Eastern perspective is really different. Eastern systems see the body as a series of channels that carry consciousness. I know – what a concept.  Some of the channels are subtle, like the mind channels and the prana channels. Some of the channels are gross… like the Big One. The Big One is called the Maha Vaha Srota and it is the mouth to anus channel.

Maha = Great

Vaha = Carrying

Srota = Channel

Your Maha Vaha Srota is where the outside world becomes your inside world. The ecosystem (or wherever your food was sourced) becomes your body. You should pay a lot of attention and have a lot of awareness on this channel.

Listen to this video where Desiree and I share our insights on the Maha Vaha Srota. Then, do the exercise below.

Here is a little exercise for you:

  1. Check in. What does it feel like in your digestive tract right now, from mouth to anus. Take a minute and just feel. Are things moving or stagnant? Heavy or light? Pure or impure? Alive or dead? Hydrated or desiccated?
  2. Notice how intuitive your gut is. What does your body want next? Do you need more water? Do you need to move? Do you need to make a green smoothie for your next meal?

Your digestive tract prana = your energy experience.

If your energy is less than consistent or less than optimal, take stock. What is the prana value of the foods you’ve been pushing through? The relationship between prana and agni is the key to evolving health.

Leave me a comment with any inspiration on upleveling the Prana in your Maha Vaha Srota! The live version of our Eat Green Challenge begins next Tuesday! You’ll gain a whole new depth of prana in your body and mind.

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