Ojas building meditation

Ojas building meditation

Ayurveda has some slick and appropriate terms for naming that which is below the surface. The surface of your mind, the surface of your body, the surface of your imbalances, the surface of your emotions. One of these slick and appropriate terms is Ojas. If you know what ojas is and how to build the stuff, you’ll have a reservoir of energy, a reservoir of inner strength, a reservoir of fortitude, a reservoir of immunity.

What some of that?

I recorded this meditational experience for my members in Living Ayurveda. They wanted it to be a separate audio so they could play it whenever they wanted. Then, they wanted to share it with their friends, students, clients, and colleagues. I figured this is the best way for anyone to get a hit on how to build their ojas, their immunity capacity. their fortitude, their endurance, their capacity to expand as a human being.

If you find it useful, share it with those who are overwhelmed. Share with those who are depleted. Share with those who have immune and auto-immune issues. And play it as often as you want.

In this 15 minute ojas building meditation practice, I guide you through:

  • How to build your OJAS
  • How to drop into yourself
  • How to build a reservoir of fortittude
  • How to build a reservoir of immunity
  • How to build a reservoir of energy
  • How to build a reservoir of inner strength

It’s juicy. Settle on your cushion or chair, and hit play.

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