DJ Cavem Raps Hip Hop, Kale Chomping + Activism

DJ Cavem Raps Hip Hop, Kale Chomping + Activism

Are you an OG? (Organic Gardener).

If not, you’ll get a fire lit under your butt with  Food Justice activist and O.G. DJ Cavem. The Real g’s are the real Gardeners. My newest friend DJ Cavem is a food activist, deejay and kale advocate from the ‘hood.  He dedicates his work to transforming the minds and health of children and his community using hip hop as a platform of communication. In this episode we rap, or rather he raps and I pay homage, about HIP HOP: Higher Inner Peace Helping Other People – and what his food equality movement is all about.  As he says, “Everyone wants to know what kind of greens you’re selling. Every hustler on the block.”

Laying down lines in the ‘hood for change with DJ Cavem.

DJ Cavem tells his story as a food activist from the concrete jungle. His hiphop music is an artful and activist food movement – cultivating food justice. He is redefining the image of wealth, food and priorities in hip-hop culture.

… from drug dealers to kale dealers.

DJ Cavem and I discuss how food issues affect urban communities and how hip-hop activates young people towards a healthier way of living from street violence to environment and food awareness through school and college educational programs. See how film screenings, break dancing and juicing can transform street and school culture.
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What you’ll get out of tuning in 

  • Find out Why Real G’s got Hoes!
  • Check out his Culinary Concerts.
  • Rap with environmental hip-hop in school curricula.
  • Learn how he Makes Kale Cool for the inner city kids.
  • Get a taste of how cooking and yoga can be mixed with eco hip-hop.


I rap with DJ Cavem about :

  • Hip Hop Kale Imbibing Activism.
  • The revolution of growing your own food.
  • Encouraging Green Entrepreneurship with younger folks.
  • Preventing food related illnesses by adopting healthier eating habits.
  • Food consumption awareness.
  • Inner transformation through the way we eat.
  • Moving from Gangs to Gardens!
  • How he created his album, which is an award winning curriculum.




Favorite Quotes:

  • In the video for his track “Wheat Grass”, the charismatic 27-year-old, stage name DJ Cavem, talks a young brother down from buying chips:
  • “Kids have to take care of themselves to be fresh and fly,” Vita says. “I hope they see food as medicine.”
  • “Everyone wants to know what kind of greens you’re selling. Every hustler on the block.”DJ Cavem Raps Hip Hop Kale Chomping Activism.


Guest BIO:

2014 Music Educator Award Grammy nominee and international recording artist, DJ Cavem is an O.G. (organic gardener) educator, emcee, deejay, BBoy, award-winning activist, midwife, vegan chef and founder of Going Green Living Bling. He created an album which is an award winning curriculum introducing the subjects of Organic Gardening and Food Justice. He has dedicated his work to transforming the minds and health of children and his community using hip hop as a platform of communication.

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  • Krista Martin
    Posted at 22 October 2016

    LOVED the show with DJ Cavem! Love all the shows I’ve listened to! I am an Ayurveda newbie even though I’ve always realized there is a direct correlation between my nutrition and how I feel/my health. I am interested in delving deeper into Ayurveda, but I have a breastfeeding baby, a 2 year old that lives in Honey Nut Cheerios, and a Type 1 diabetic husband who “is just not into this stuff.” There is so much to learn and change with Ayurveda and I was wondering, What are your top 3 recommendations for someone trying to ease into this lifestyle without getting too overwhelmed? Thank you, you are truly living your purpose!

  • mvillarosa
    Posted at 4 November 2016

    Hi Krista,

    Thank you. You can directly ask your question here: and Cate will answer it, in one of her Podcast calls.

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