Teens & Parents on the Path to Evolutionary Communication + Better Relationships

Teens & Parents on the Path to Evolutionary Communication + Better Relationships

If you want to hear what parenting teens at the evolutionary level sounds like and looks like you’ll want to tune into this conversation.

I met Denise Ackert of Inner Light Health Works when I was just starting out as an Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner. Denise – a master bodyworker and birth doula –  instantly “saw” me, though I was almost 10 years younger and way less evolved than her. She recognized my essence and potential right away and we became fast friends.

Fifteen years later Denise is coaching Teens + Parents of Teens on the path to better relationships. She has been my one and only go-to on the art of mindful parenting. In this episode you’ll hear us rap about:


I rap with Denise Ackert about Parents Taking Responsibility for how they are showing up with their teens:

  • What teens really want from their parents, that they are not getting
  • What not to do when your kid walks in the door
  • A Simple before bed question you want to ask every night.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • Build better structures for better communication
  • Realize your relationships are conversations
  • Pay more attention to deep listening for deeper connectivity




Favorite Quotes:

  • “Is there anything you want to tell me today?” – Denise Ackert


Guest BIO:

Denise Ackert, LMT has worked in the wellness field for over 25 years as a mindfulness educator, yoga teacher and wellness consultant.  Her current passion is teaching mindfulness and healthy communication courses for youth, adults, children and organizations. Through her work, she helps others develop skills for a deeply connected life of deep happiness and ease.  Additionally, her degree in Environmental Science and Permaculture Teacher Certification inform her work around personal and planetary wellness.

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  • Dorothy L Martinez
    Posted at 31 January 2017

    I am really looking forward to learning how to work with my own teens and develop some communication skills that no doubt would help my clients as well.

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