Why I Use the Word Piehole

Why I Use the Word Piehole

I have a pile of responses from the last time I wrote you: subject line: [Autumn=Rejuve] Why Fat Metabolism Matters.

Most are provocative reflections and questions. But first I happen to open some fascinating criticism from Casey.(For positive feedback, scroll to the end.)

Casey writes: “Oh my gosh! What is your issue or shadow with using the word pie hole! That sounds so derogatory. Why can’t you just say “your mouth” or actual term of the body or part. You repeatedly used the word too on your webinar when I listened to it on podcast. It is so annoying and is insensitive it is such a turn off and I will no longer follow you.” – Casey

I write back: “Casey – fair enough.I received about 10 positive comments for creative language to every 1 negative. I’ll roll with it. And I know you’ll find someone you resonate with more completely in this big wide world.” – Cate Stillman. Fare thee well.

Why I use the word Pie Hole

Let me take a minute with those of you who haven’t been offended enough to leave me – on why I use the word “pie hole”.

A few years ago I made you all a tip sheet: oil and orifices.

When I first went to Ayurveda school I was astounded at how my Ayurveda teachers would point out the obvious. Things so obvious I had never thought about them before.

Simple reflections like – your body has 9 holes or orifices or portals.

  • 1 mouth (food and water portal) (pie hole)
  • 2 nostrils (prana + olfactory portal)
  • 2 ears (sound portal)
  • 1 sex opening (creative portal)
  • 1 anus (poop portal)
  • 2 eyes (vision portal)

(Of course at one time you had 10 holes -or portals- 1 belly button (which used to be a nutrient orifice).

Ayurvedic physicians of the past – and most local, wise-women healers – would use the orifices to affect change in the body. You can change what is happening in the body by what you put into or around these portals. When we see them as openings, especially the mouth, which is the opening for nutrition, we have a more integrated perspective. But if I just think in terms of the word mouth, I may forget that:

But if I just think in terms of the word mouth, I may forget that:

  1. My mouth is the gate keeper of nutrition for my body
  2. My mouth’s job is not just to pleasure itself, but to listen to and feed all levels of tissue in the body
  3. What happens as a result of opening my mouth to food affects everything for many many days after.

So, I try to make the mouth less personal, more objective. I like to use the word “pie hole” because I’m amused by that word.

Most people use their mouth less like the portal of deep nutrition and more like a stress-relief lever. We pop in morsels to alter our mood. Do we not?

Plus, most adults are somewhat disconnected from their poop hole. Using pie hole and poop hole brings our anatomy back home to the power of the user. I mean the power of you.

All your holes are special and require love and attention, especially the biggest portal you have – your lovely mouth.

And you can start to invest attention with simply how many times you feed yourself, and how long you allow your mouth to rest. 

If you haven’t experimented with your fasting time you are bound to get caught up in our food- everywhere, snack-anytime culture. Most people confuse hunger with thirst. I’m not so bold that I would consider myself the exception to the rule.

Most people are carry more poor quality tissue than their body would prefer.

Most people also complain about various aches and pains, digestive imbalances, excretory backup, overwhelm, poor sleep, stress and fatigue. Roots of all of these issues are found in a messed up feed & fast schedule.


This is a basic teaching from Ayurveda:

How you eat your food is even more important than what you eat. If you follow the basic Ayurvedic guidelines around eating at the right times of day and eating foods in season, you’ll prevent physical, mental and emotional imbalances.

And, if you eat the good seasonal foods too frequently, your digestion will be compromised and gas, indigestion and the formation of digestive toxins. Your energy will be zapped by a body struggling to deal with the flow in your g.i. tract.

If you follow simple Ayurvedic food habits you will experience easy, fluid digestion and optimal energy. This will happen because you are super efficient in your absorption, appropriation and employment of nutrients.

Next, I’m going to write to you about absorption, fat, efficiency and aging.

In closing, I wanted you all to see our engagement here as a collaboration.

At times I will unwittingly offend you. I don’t experience any of you as followers or listeners. I see you as collaborators on the path of awake living and planetary thrive. And collaborators on the path to a better conversation.

Your mouth is the gateway to 7 distinct levels of nutrition that starts in your plasma and goes deeper than your bones into your bone marrow. Whatever can help you bring right action to your choices, to live a deeply nutrified and detoxed life – I’m all for it.

Enjoy your portals. They are all sensual by nature. They are not just there to receive pleasure. They are what make your body intelligent. They are the anti-aging tools of your future. Invest your attention into your senses and into all your portals. Learn more about right use, incorrect use and overuse. And you will thrive!

Enough said on piehole? Should I switch to “oral portal” instead? Lmk.

Ok – next newsletter – more on deeper absorption and when your fat tissue craves replenishment. And scroll down for the love letters. Thanks y’all.


Here is the other feedback from the email:

Thank you for the inspiration, I am so enjoying your wisdom!! Your Body Thrive book and The Modern Ayurveda Course too. As a practicing Theta Healer, I appreciate how Ayurveda reduces stress, improves focus, digestive fire, creates more quality time and quality life. I have always held the thought, fix digestion FIX ALOT of things. I also appreciate your kick-ass fun style.” Namaste, Joanne Green


“Thank you Cate for your article, very thought-provoking and true what I just needed to hear!” Maria Janka


“Dear Cate – That was really interesting. Thanks. Having given up my Enlightened Fudgcycles (Only a handful of calories and 3 grams sugar – at Whole Foods), I’m already on my way. I’ll do this on my own – I eat 95% veggies and some fruits so it shouldn’t be difficult. Cate, I think you’re extraordinary. I wish you a beautiful autumn and wonderful new year. Your daughter is sure growing up! What a lucky girl to have you for her mother.”

Pura Vida, Diana Rowlan


“Namaste. This was a great read. Thank you!” Kimberly Davis


“Dear Cate,

If you weren’t married, and I didn’t love men, I would beg you to partner up with me.You brought so much positive change to my life during the LAC, which I believe I completed in 2014. And these changes have lasted through to today, on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels (unlike anything else I start/stop in fits and bursts in my life).Just want to say, you were already so amazing then, but on reading this last email – holy shit, Cate!! – it’s like you’ve accelerated the evolution of you spiritual consciousness – you’re speaking God, it seems, and so in-tune with what I just figured out about 4 months ago – my lifelong sugar cravings are due to inconsistent eating, and routine starvation mode (OCD Pitta, too obsessed to stop what I’m doing to even pee sometimes, let alone eat!).But I never thought of how this affected me on the mental level – superficial thoughts?? Cate, you continue to blow my mind. I share your info with everyone who is open and will listen. Any ideas on what I can do to ease the obsessive compulsive pitta in me?Thank you so so much for everything you do for our global community! Carry on, sister!!! Power to you!”

With love, and respect,

Stephanie Rodigas


“Cate, I read with interest every thing you put on the internet. I am old and retired on fixed income. I am originally from India, but have been here since Carter and Reagan time. I am an independent conservative.”

– Noshir Watchha


“Hi Cate, you got me thinking here on multiple levels. I’m just going to discuss the first . Where your talking about eating less frequently and getting more out of it as well as being more productive and more healthy. My thinking here is then you in the long run will spend less on medicines and doctors visits.In contrast to the more ” accepted” way of eating more often through the day. Which then seems to increase cravings. This then causes one to focus more on the next meal as opposed to what you are doing. Causing less productivity. This also puts more stress on the body systems and causes more dis-ease. Causing g someone to spend more money on doctors visits and more money on medication. Causing more stress and back to feeding the whole within . This entire philosophy seems to feed the government and agriculture and pharmaceutical triangle. Thank you for the article. I’m starting to compare ayurvedic ant Thai yoga healing especially there herbal side which seems to have a foundation in ayurvedic.” Thank you, Sean Hayes

Cate Stillman
[email protected]

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