Gut Shot Recipes From A Trendy Ayurvedic Detox Guide 1

Gut Shot Recipes From A Trendy Ayurvedic Detox Guide 1

I’m a big fan of attuning to the desire behind the desire.

Going into the Yogidetox I wanted this:

What is that, you ask?

Green juice.
Cold brew coffee.
And colorful varieties of #gutshots.
I’d discovered #gutshots in Burley, Idaho.
Burley, Idaho is exactly how you might be thinking.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

If you’re thinking old school ag town in the plains of Southern Idaho (slightly more fertile than northern Nevada) You’re thinking what I was thinking.
How did small batch fermented probiotic bevvies make into a big box food store in Burley?
I bought and bonded with my first #gutshot.
Why am i using that annoying hashtag sign?
Because I had to google #gutshot recipe to get a gut shot recipe to start Ayurveda hacking. Make that #ayurvedahacking

Winston made KimChi a few days before.

Then I made purple sauerkraut. Spring and kapha and fermented foods are usually not kosher.

But, it was snowing out.

A lot.
And snow biking.

And icy creek dipping in 40° weather.

I trusted my desire. This is what started brewing in the pantry.

Like a normal modern mortal I asked google how to make #gutshots.

Google had a recipe. But it had too much salt. Farmhouse Cultures have too much salt too.

Ayurveda: Salt in #Gutshots

Mega salty #gutshots would be fine

if I were:

  1. Heading into winter not summer
  2. Not planning on giving up shots of #coldbrew
  3. Not of Kapha prakruti

All 3 being true, and developing an aversion to the salt, I naturally made my first #ColdbrewGutshots without salt.
I didn’t think about it.
My body controls the food prep and my body didn’t add salt. Let the body nourish the body. Pullleease.

Water + Vegetable + Blender + Time = Gut Shot Recipe

To be clear and concise, the recipe is above.

The recipe is infinite in innovations.
The Gut Shot Recipe is here to awaken us out of complexity.
The Gut Shot Recipe is an invitation from your ecoystem to experiment. To make new friends.
My next batch will include #dandeliongutshots, #thistlegutshots, and for the snooty among us, how about #evergreengutshots, with some pine needles. Hell yeah, I’ll probably throw in a handful of rose hips I dried last Autumn.  
I don’t expect my tags to get popular.But the origin of the hashtag is always so fascinating.

What gut shots will you invent?

Now that you know the

Easy peasy #Gutshot Recipe: Water + Vegetable + Blender + Time
What will you create? What will you add?
Dandelions for the prebiotic compact chlorophyll bitter power punch?Trendy turmeric?

Jazzy ginger?
Oh I am curious.
I added caraway seeds to my first batch.
Then, I waited. 

Basic Gut Shot Recipe

½ of a big green cabbage

Blender full of water.
Blend on low.
Store in  ½ gallon glass jar with a loose plastic lid.

Fancy Gut Shot Recipe

3 cups mixed vegetables  (cabbage, carrots, beets, dandelions, burdock, asparagus, celery)

1-2 fresh spices (peppers, turmeric, ginger, chives, cilantro, basil, lemongrass)

1-2 dried spices (caraway, cinnamon, bay leaf, cloves, peppers, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, fennel, etc.)

Blender full of water
Blend on low
Store in  ½ gallon glass jar with a loose plastic lid.

Invasive Weeds Gut Shot Recipe

3 cups mixed vegetables  (dandelion, thistle, chickweed

1-2 invasive weeds

1-2 native plants from strong populations you are nurturing

Blender full of water
Blend on low
Store in  ½ gallon glass jar with a loose plastic lid.

Then, I did it again.

Fermented foods breed themselves.

Like sourdough starter for sourdough bread.

To the second – a scoop of kimchi as a #gutshot starter. Make that gut shot starter.
Already fermented foods are starters. (Sorry – you already knew that.)

To the third I added red cabbage sauerkraut with caraway.

Stay tuned #gutshots recipes Guide 2 is on the way! If you are into Ayurveda don’t miss out 4 free live masterclasses.

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  • Susan DeVoy
    Posted at 15 February 2019

    Thank you for the recipe! I am going to use cabbage, dill, salt, cucumber, and water to save on the Farmhouse Culture Gut Shots. Has to be cheaper and hopefully taste even better.

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