Gut Shot Recipes From A Trendy Ayurvedic Detox Guide 2

Gut Shot Recipes From A Trendy Ayurvedic Detox Guide 2

What is that, you ask?

Green juice.
Cold brew coffee.
And colorful varieties of #gutshots.

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Water + Vegetable + Blender + Time = Gut Shot Recipe

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Ama Busters

Gut shots bust ama.
I knew you thought, “#Gutshots” is a violent word.

You’ll right. A shot in the gut.
A kick in the pants.
A kick in the pants of your agni, that is.

And we all know what agni does to ama, now don’t we? (If we don’t –print the Ama + Agni tipsheet )

How hungry are you right now?
Can you feel your agni and what it’s up to?

Does your agni need a jump start?
Do you need a shot in the gut?
Maybe not right now.

But if you haven’t tried it – how would you know?

Gut Shots: An Ayurvedic Perspective

Gut shots are sour taste, primary. (PK+)
Gut shots are salty taste, secondarily. (PK+)
Gut shots are whatever else you add to them taste, tertiarily.


I invent hashtags.
We all do. We all synergize what we know.
We can’t not.

So it is with gut shots.
Because my schooling is ayurvedic, I analyze my gut shots with the wisdom of Ayurvedic insight.

Ayurveda is getting popular.
Thank the goddess.
We’re on the descent into wisdom.
That took forever and a day. A bout time.

A bout of time.

We all get that we are our ecosystem.
One stage of ecosystem health is fermentation.
Fermentation digests waste.

Does your body have waste to digest?

If so, gutshots are your least violent approach into sama agni, the dynamic balance of all 13+ bodily agnis strong.

And that ain’t no nothing, bitch.

The issue with gut shots is they will trend, striding with cold brew, microbrew, and kombucha.
Ayurvedically ignorant people will develop a Pitta aggravation. Or maybe even a Kapha aggravation, depending on what was probably already a bit aggravated. Vatas might do aok OD’ing on gut shots year round.
Constipated people will start pooping. Bloated people will turn off-gasing waste into digestible energy ready for super solid tissue production. If you catch my drift.
Apana vayu will heal.
Samana vayu will heal.
The purple gutshots have red beets and purple cabbage, fresh ginger, purple sauerkraut juice. The other is  ¼ cup kimchi in a blender of water and green cabbage. Fleshy champagne color.

What dose of #gutshot? How many can I take a day?

Isn’t that the next obvious question?

Except you shouldn’t have to ask.

As you take control of your own experiments you’ll rely first and foremost on your inner body wisdom.

You won’t come looking to me or ‘nobody for answers.
Take a sip.
I like to awaken my agni with a gut shot to break my fast.

My #homemade #gutshots are pretty weak.
They barely have any salt.
They have a high water to everything else ratio.

My gut shots are weak as shit, to the tough guy.

I’m 45. I’m lightening. It’s fun. As a Pitta-Kapha I’ve never before lightened. It’s a wizening process. My weaker than weak gut shots are a refreshing sour tonic.

Like I was saying,

I like to awaken my agni with a gutshot to break my fast.

I can feel any ama in my gut getting eaten alive.
I get off on that feeling.
I orient my life, more and more, to that feeling.

My circulation was crazy strong this winter/spring.
Two big factors, in order of significance:
Cold showers + cold creek bathing
Gut shots

And that the dern truth of it.

Seriously. I have #raynaud’s syndrome.
Plus years of finger frostbutt, a young skibum.
The snow is just winding to a close. Yes – it’s May right here right now. My guess is as the grass gets greener I’ll be watering down my gut shots with homemade mineral water. I’ll be adding more bitters. Thistle. Oregon graperoot. Sweet cicely. Pine. And whomever else I bump into out there on my bike ride tonight.

How long do Gut Shots Keep?

All fermentation eventually changes in composition past it’s current recognizable state. That is what the law of continuum is.
Your whole body is and represents its current relationship with what something becomes next. Good habits accrue and compound into different circumstances than bad habits.

Not digesting what you take in is a very bad habit.
That bad habit will make you cranky. Then dis-eased as your body can’t keep up with the waste and very mild internal toxicity settles in.

Or at least that is what it feels like to me.

At that stage – the stage past gut shot, you’ve arrived at vinegar.
Way too sour. This thing will now affect the level of the soil it becomes when composted if you know what I mean.

In a warm, humid climate that naturally accelerates the fermentation process, even when in the fridge the gut shot will keep a couple weeks. It’ll probably peak 7 days from brew time in the fridge the whole time.

In Wyoming, if I don’t use salt or starter, I’m looking at about 21 days til peak – even if half that time is at room temp, out of direct sunlight in a cozy spot.
In Wyoming that gut shot will last at least 4 months. Seriously. That is some serious range.

Too many gut shots. At this point I’m sharing with the neighborhood. Get my local posse to switch from the ‘booch to taking non-alchoholic, and occasionally alcoholic gut shots. I can see us like old hens at a tea party.

Remember: Gut shots breed gutshots.
Gut shots are one of the answers.
Getting your ecosystem into your gut is another of the answers.
Attuning to the continuum.


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Peace out.


Cate Stillman
[email protected]

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