Healthier Kids Workshop... now only $35

You can catch imbalances before they escalate or embed into growing bodies.Uplevel your parenting through Ayurveda. 

- Healthier Kids - An Ayurvedic Workshop with Cate

Do your kid's know their Ayurvedic constitution? Do you?

Watch the 2 hour Webinar Training

Most parents who buy Healthier Kids Workshop watch the webinar 4 times. It's packed + you'll learn more as you learn more!

What should you feed your kid?

Learn how to help your kid eat great for their constitution, the season, and the phase of growth they are in. 


Over 30 worksheets are included in the Healthier Kids Workshop to get you and your family on the best track.

Uplevel Household Schedule

Healthier Kids will help you as a parent shift the household clock into nature's rhythms. You'l have more energy + more time as a parent.

“I just wanted to tell you that I so enjoyed the Healthier Kids workshop. I watched via the video from upstate NY and learned SO much great info.” 


Get the scoop on what your kids need to thrive!

For parents of teens, tweens, and school age kids. Ambitious parents of toddlers can watch + learn to. Ages appropriate for:  

- Parents with kids at home. - Parents of toddlers, school age kids, + teens. - Tweens + teens can watch for themselves.

What are you waiting for? Get it now!

Jane has taken Healthier Kids 4 times. Now her household runs smooth, and her kids have better habits.

A Word From The Author

“I created this workshop to help you catch imbalances on your child before they escalate or embed into their growing bodies.”

From the Peeps on Healthier Kids Workshop with Cate

"Healthier Kids is the best online class I’ve ever taken. I can see my kid so much more clearly now – in terms of what creates issues and what can help. I can’t thank you enough as he’ll grow up with this wisdom and never need to learn it on his own!” 


"You explained so clearly my kid’s constitution and now we both know how to help her navigate her teen years more skillfully. She is committed to the changes that will clear up her skin. I’m so glad to be able to help her instead of turning to medication.” 


“I’ve got my 3 year old taking the simple herbs like you recommended. Her runny nose cleared up – and the bumps on her skin which have been there forever are going away. Thanks for showing me why this is happening and what I can do about it. How empowering to know this as a mom and be able to teach it to my older kids.”