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Based on habit #1 in Cate Stillman's
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I want to pop out of bed with loads of zing in the morning. 

I want habits that make my body look and feel great.

I want to naturally be in a positive mood.

I like people who are evolving their habits.  

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"Cate Stillman's Body Thrive will change your body, mind and consciousness so your life can become more whole." 

Dr. Vasant Lad

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What people are saying....

The habit has set me up for success in all other areas of my life. Seems strange, but I also have more energy upon arising! When I eat earlier and lighter my body has a chance to process the food and then rest. It's a huge part of the necessary cycle for thriving. 

This habit is  my trigger habits. It sets me up for a nice evening and allows me to go to bed earlier without feeling full at bedtime. It allowed me to lose a couple pounds I had from my first little as well.

Shinay Tredeau

Tanya Snow

Rachel Peters

This habit has had a huge impact on my family and me in the most amazing ways. With a realistic meal plan and some advanced food prep, we now have more time in the evening to connect and play before it's time to wind down for the night. Since play and deep rest are really important to us, this habit is really important!

Yoga Teacher at Lotus Bloom Yoga Studio - Prescott

Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher ~ Yoga Health Coach

No more pain in my joints! Need I say more? Ok I will. I do my best to close the kitchen by 7:30, so I'm not even that early, but I have gone way lighter on my meals. I also have come to swear by my twice a week 12–16-hour fasts to decrease pain. Cate, when you and I talked on a call this spring, I told you the biggest thing holding me back was the pain that I had chronically in my body. Now that I invested my time and effort in lighter dinners (eliminating a lot of bulk) — sometimes pretty darn early (today at 4:30 p.m.) — I'm freaking pain free!

Samantha Norman

Yoga Teacher

Recently I've been feeling that this habit is the trigger for my downlow time in the evening. My mind starts to slow down from all the to-do lists and things to get done. It’s simple and yummy, and I go to bed feeling nourished and without cravings. Oh! And it’s easier to sleep!

Mar Díaz

Yoga Teacher

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