Change Your Life

A 10-day Crash Course. Get Aligned for Action.

In the 10 day Change Your Life Course, Cate guides you on a fast path to the chapter of your better life.

Clarify what isn’t working, what you want, what you need next, how you will get there, and who you’ll need to make it all happen. In this training, you will decode your next purpose and synergize an effective plan for your better life.

You can change your life.
Your better future is waiting.


What You’ll Achieve In The Next 10 Days

Change Your Life is a 10 day Crash Course. Get aligned for action.

Identify Your Next Purpose

Life goes in chapters. First, you’ll clarify what winning looks like in the next chapter of your life, that sets up a long term future that is much better.

Receive 1-1 Coaching

In a deep dive coaching conversation we’ll help you identify your biggest opportunities and obstacles… and align your focus to your better future.

Engineer Your Space

Your space must reinforce the next life you want to have. We’ll walk you through how to align your home to pull you into a better future.

Who are Your Influencers

To change your life, you’ll need better relationships. In this process, you’ll identify which people you need to pull yourself into a better future.

Navigate Changing Times

We’re living in a world that is VUCA: volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Your wisdom and skills fit into the puzzle … but how? Be guided to increase your value… now.

Innovate Your Calendar

How you currently use time will need to change for you to generate the future you sense is possible. Break down the actual calendar you need to have by when to have the life you want to have next.

What’s Included for Just $37?

How we’ll guide you in the next 10 days to Change Your Life:

The VIDEO Series

Be guided through Cate’s specific video training on how to make the changes you need to make to align yourself to your better future.

Join the Conversation

Join our group conversation during your 10-day course… and then stay as long as you want!

1-1 Support

You’ll have a specialized session to find out your best opportunities to shape the next chapter of your life.


Cate Stillman, Founder of Yogahealer, Yoga Health Coaching, Yogidetox, Bestselling Ayurvedic Author.

Founder, Author, Global Leader

Cate is an evolutionary thought leader, entrepreneur, global community builder, and author. She founded in 2001 to guide people into their potential. She is renowned for her laser-sharp, no b.s., approach to enlightened living, which includes living your life on purpose for a bigger purpose. Her course members are never disappointed and know they can’t find this type of experience elsewhere.


How Does Change Your Life Work?

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Ignite Your Ambition,
Clarify your Vision

Every person has a noble aim, a higher purpose. That noble aim changes in the chapters of your life. If your aim is off -life becomes more difficult and less meaningful. In part one of this 10-day course, you’ll realign your aim and ignite your ambition.


Align Your Time,
Uplevel Your Space

Your vision involves how you will use your space and your time. In the next chapter of your life you need a smarter schedule and a better environment to flourish. We take your time and your space very seriously. So will you in part 2 of Change Your Life.

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Find Your People,
Map Your Plan

Once your ambition is ignited and your schedule and space are aligned you have a much better shot at winning in the next chapter of your life.


No more self doubt.

Self-doubt paralyzes your evolution. You need to invest in a line of action to break the pattern in your mind of doubting your better future.


No more excuses.

If you need to change your life, you need to take on responsibilities you are neglecting. Your life can get a lot better, fast.


No more stalling.

Delaying changing your will make your problems with time, people, money, or your body worse in the future. Now is always better than later.


No more vacillation.

Allowing your mind to vacillate on your better action plan reinforces a bad pattern and keeps you in limbo. Free your potential. Stop entertaining anything other than your best action plan.

What People Are Saying About this Course

“The 10 day Change Your Life Course fundamentally pivoted my perspective. I’m finally unstuck. I clarified my vision. I stopped spinning my wheels. I’ve emerged with a better plan of action. My habits are better, I feel sharper and more know what I need to do next. Cate and her team are true guides.”

– Mark


In this 10 day course, how much time per day?

Schedule an hour a day, preferably first thing in the morning, when your mind is fresh and you have a day to integrate that specific training.

What will I actually do?

We’ll guide you through a series of video trainings, worksheets, and a powerful conversation.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

We guarantee if you take the actions and the course it will change your thinking and clarify your plan of action. If you take every step in the course and don’t find the value, we will refund you. If you don’t take the course, we won’t refund you. It’ll be waiting for when you are ready.

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Bonus #1 Download a Free Chapter “Unearth Your Deeper Dream” from my bestseller “Master of You” book
Bonus #2 Download the “Change Your Life!” Workbook
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One on One Coaching

Who Else is Included?

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Coaching Session with Anna

Anna Berkelmans will guide you in a strategic process to clarify your vision for the next chapter of your life. It’s a session not to miss!

Ready to Act Now?

Are You an Action Taker?

Change YOUR Life.
Steer your ship towards much better.
I’ll show you how.

Cate will awaken your ambitions and align your space and your time to a life that is much better. If you don’t change your life now… it gets harder later. You are your best investment. Bet on you. And let’s get going. In 10 days… you’ll have changed your life

Change Your Life

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