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There is a Power to Your Constitution

You are a unique individual. You have a unique constitution. The better you know how to care for your unique mental and physical constitution, the more you can thrive as you age.  

At Yogahealer, I'm dedicated to giving you the tools to better know yourself. I believe that investing in wisdom is the best investment you can make. Develop the wisdom within your unique constitution. 

What subtle powers within could you unlock?

"Cate explains Ayurvedic concepts in a way that I can understand and take action on immeditately. In the Power of Your Constitution Workshop I finally understood that I have "ama" and that I need to balance my "vata". I'm clear on how to strengthen my digestion to feel better."

What is included in the Power of Your Ayurvedic Constitution Workshop?

What is Your Prakruti? What is your Vikruti?

This class on your constitution (Prakruti) and the nature of your current imbalances (Vikruti) will guide you to befriending your unique constitution 


Learn Your Constitution

In the year long Living Ayurveda Course members get an indepth lecture with slides on the nature of constitutions, of the qualities behind the elements that mix into forces or doshas. Get the whole schebang unpacked in this 90 minute interactive class. 

  • What are the 5 Elements
  • What are the 3 Doshas
  • Which Elements and Doshas are strongest in YOU!

Ama vs. Constitution

What is Ama? How is it affecting your daily body experience? How is it affecting your mind? How does it make figuring out your constitution confusing?  


  • Differentiate between you and undigested food + experiences 

Rhythmic Eating for Your Constitution

Rhythmic eating, or intermittent fasting, is a part of the time-tested Ayurvedic daily habits. Ayurveda rests on clear, strong digestion to experience vibrant health.  

In this lesson discover how to transition into rhythmic eating for your unique constitution and set of current circumstances for vibrant health.

  • Align Your Constitution to Intermittent Fasting

Know Your Constitution & Your Dharma

Your constitution uniquely supports your purpose in this life. The yogis call purpose "dharma". As you empower your constitution your life unfolds to it's potential. 

  • Understand your dharma from your constitution perspective

The power of knowing your constitution helps you make better decisions, taking into account your natural tendencies and natural predisposition. When you know how you are different from everyone else - you can navigate the informational overload of health advice - through the filter of what works best for your constitution.

How often should you eat? How much sleep is best for you? When should you exercise? What foods help you eliminate? Answers to these questions and more are unlocked as you empower yourself with knowing your constitution.


Which Energies most Rule Your Reality?

Is your Mind Vata Dominant? If so - are you tapping into your ability to think outside the box? 

Is your body Vata dominant? If so, are you nurturing your digestion + elimination, and protecting your sensitivities?

Is your Mind Pitta dominant? If so - are you leading others into new territory?  

Is your body Pitta dominant? If so, are you cleansing your blood and your liver regularly? 

Is your Mind Kapha dominant? If so, are you activating your power to nurture and connect?  

Is your Body Kapha dominant? If so, are you automating habits that stimulate you into action? 

Your Constitution beholds Unique Powers. Know who you are + how you are gifted. Turn weaknesses into strengths. Turn strengths into super powers. 

"I will guide you through a series of lessons and conversations. Understand the energies and elements that are dominant within you. Know yourself."  

- Cate Stillman Founder of Yogahealer + Ayurveda Instructor

Hi, I'm Cate Stillman, founder of since 2001, author of Body Thrive, 10 Habits of Ayurveda to Uplevel Your Body and Your Life.

Over the past 15 years I've guided thousands of people into the power of their constitution. Whether you've already seen an Ayurvedic Practitioner, taken an Ayurvedic Dosha Quiz, or have never heard of Ayurvedic Constitutions, this workshop - or series of small classes- will unlock your understanding of the energies within you. Ayurveda has a systematic language to describe patterns that doesn't exist in other languages. You'll learn the basics of the elements, the forces and the body types. You'l also find out how your mind works - and how to make choices to have more optimal experiences.  

I'll teach you how to personally diagnose and align your habits to your constitution with Ayurveda.  

You'll experience other side benefits as you'll also be able to help your kids or friends or parents understand their constitution.  

If you don’t know what your unique constitution you are missing a piece. I’ve helped thousands of people better understand themselves through Ayurveda. Once they know your mental and physical constitution, and the energetic and elemental nature behind your imbalances - you are empowered and motivated to make decisions that will work better for you.  

My series of short classes in this Constution Workshop is perfect for those who get that one size never fits all. If you want to know what your body and mind are communicating, and understand the patterns behind how you get thrown off... take the workshop. 

"I've learned the patterns I've had since childhood, and thought 'that's just the way I am' don't have to remain that way.

I now have an understanding of my Vata Pakruti which helps me to shift from faulting myself for certain tendencies (...such as feeling of fatigue, scatteredness, food and sensory sensitivities and so on) to focusing on how to reclaim balance. LAC has empowered me with tools to do this through kitchen medicine, living in daily rhythm and self care, with wonderful support from the mentors and community to keep me on track."

- Helen Tan

"Learning that I was Vata/Pitta was a game changer to understanding why I am who I am, why I do what I do and why I feel the way I feel. Learning to do quick body scans and recognize the gunas that are present and/or out of balance is an invaluable tool for re-aligning my days, and therefore my life ." 

- Theresa Kuhr

"I learned I need to care for my constitution in a different manner than I have been doing most of my life. Vata's need grounding, oiling, and an unctuous food."

Beverlee Hamilton  

"I’ve learned so much! But notably about the positives of my Kapha in my constitution. On paper Kapha isn’t sexy 😆I’ve really noticed my stability and stamina. Now that I know I am naturally stable, I actively use (particularly at work) my steadiness when the environment get chaotic, to bring the energy down for everyone. "  

Clare Fulton