We're interested in how YOU want to evolve. 

We ask you powerful questions. You'll be able to
hear your potential and clarify your personal vision.

3 Reasons to
Schedule Your Conversation

  1. You want clarity on the next phase of your personal evolution.

  2. Once we know where you’re trying to go, we can help you get there with specific free trainings and tip sheets. 

  3. You want to receive coaching and learn the next action steps for your path to thrive.

You’re curious about who you could become next... the body habits, the mindset breakthroughs, the clarity of aligned action.

"Talking really helped me to get clear on what I'm looking for and how to get it. You'd think I could figure that out myself, but sometimes talking it out with someone who knows what questions to ask makes things so much clearer!"

~ Maggie, New York

"Yogahealer is so great! I got a free conversation about my goals. Then, my coach sent me a bunch of free training materials to help me reach my goals. How cool is that?"

~ Ashley, Texas

"Wow. The gals at Yogahealer are great! They ask thought-provoking questions, and they really listen. I've had the same health goals for years—now I actually have steps to take to reach them!"

~ Janelle, Vermont

"It's so nice to talk to someone who really listens and cares. I'm very vata, so my thoughts tend to go all over the place. My conversation kept me on track. My coach listened to what I really want and sent me some great follow-up material."

~ Lisa, Glasgow, Scotland

What People Say:

  • You’re a lifelong learner.
  • You want to deepen your integrity.
  • Your ambition is lurking beneath the surface. 
  • You’re ready to be ignited by somebody who can help you do what you know you can accomplish. 
  • You appreciate the value of mentors, guides, gurus, teachers, and coaches.

Is this you?

We mentor people into their body goals, their dharma, their path to thrive.
 Have a conversation with a Yogahealer Coach, and we'll take it from there.

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