Dharma & Body Integrity Webinar 2017-8 Replay Page

Align Into the Next Level of Integrity in Body + Dharma for 2018


Did you miss the webinar? Don't worry! On this page you can watch the show, download the audio and slides, and start thinking about next steps. 

My coaching team is inviting you into a complimentary 1-1 exploratory session. All members of the New Year's Day Workshop are invited to talk to Grace, on the Yogahealer Coaching Team about your personal or professional evolution.

Webinar Downloads

Why You Want to do this Workshop quarterly: 

Digest the key lessons learned from the last phase of your growth. 

Own your current challenges with full awareness.

Identify your key strengths to evolve into who you want to become next.  

Create simple effective strategies leveraging the insight from your current challenges.

Get the next phase of your track in your life with strategic dharma alignment.

Cultivate the micro-habits to get you there. 

Be more efficient with your time, and take more free time.

You take better care of yourself. 

Fall in love with your life and ever increasing capacity for lifestyle design. 

Uplevel your creative power with intuitive insight. 

Now let's think about Goals... 

Is This YOU

- You're ready to feel better yesterday. - You want to deepen your body integrity. - You're curious about your own evolution. - You’re ready to be ignited by somebody who can help you do what you know you can accomplish. - You appreciate the value of mentors, guides, gurus, teachers, and coaches.

Yes? Then sign up for a FREE Conversation! My coaches are fantastic, and I can vouch that they will help you on your way to a life-changing personal or professional evolution. Or both - whatever you are looking for.  

About the Speaker

Cate Stillman

CEO at Yogahealer.com, co-host of the Ayurveda Summit, Mastermind behind Yoga Health Coaching, author of Body Thrive

Cate has grown and led the Yogahealer posse since 2001. A leading voice for Ayurveda and Awake Living, she has a down to earth approach to deep wisdom.

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