Eat Green Challenge

Desiree and Cate want to shift YOUR diet for YOUR empowered health upgrade.

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You will get motivated to:

  1. Eat more living Greens next month than you ever have before.
  2. Take specific actions to feel great!
  3. Shift your kitchen in line with what you want to look like and how you want to feel.

Comments from the Free Eat Green Call

“Great call. I am inspired!” Mary McCollum

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your time and expertise!” A.M.

“That was a FUN call – really inspiring!” Jane McDowell

“I am looking forward to this Eat Green Challengeand will direct my students/friends/family to your website, so they can listen to this call.” Lynne Paterson, E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor

“Many thanks to Cate and Desiree for the intriguing call today. As you can see, I'm so intrigued that I just signed up!”

“Very excited to learn more about all of this through the Eat Green Challenge. I am just thrilled to hear people talking about that we truly are what we eat [and think], citing The Secret Life of Plants, and noting the subtle changes that yoga practice produces on all levels.” Trish

“Great call! I had to miss the last 20 minutes. How can I listen to the rest of the call?” J Nenninger

“Thank you again for the Eat Green call this morning…..amazing! as always. Keep up the great work. Can you please come to South Dakota & Teach Ayurveda to Yoga teachers. Please, please.!!!!!” B Merali

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30 Day Eat Green Challenge
with Desiree Rumbaugh and Cate Stillman

In 3o days with Desiree & Cate, you will turn over a new leaf with a plant-based diet.

  • GREEN your diet for an energized life, at any age.
  • Love yourself enough to make better food choices.
  • Build an authentic relationship with your body, and put your body first.

About Desiree Rumbaugh and Cate Stillman

Desiree Rumbaugh diet + green smoothies
Desiree Rumbaugh

is a world class yoga teacher of the highest standard. Absolutely curious about the body's potential, Desiree has learned from within how to eat in align with vibrant energy. She wants to share the “secrets” of getting older without getting heavier.

Cate Stillman

founded Yogahealer in 2001 to bring a practical living wisdom approach to the ancient teachings of Ayurveda.
Cate leads Living Foods Ayurveda detoxes to all levels of students. Teaching online Ayurvedic education to yoga students worldwide, Cate has a penchant for helping families align to Nature's rhythms. Cate guides even the most stuck people into vibrant health and eating green.