Good Morning Yogis
big and small

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Step up
 your family's morning routines.

For smart parents + kids yoga teachers
who want  an foot up on a building
 a strong immune system.

This book taught my kids how to poop,
how to hydrate,
how to read their tongue,
how to connect - you know the basic stuff.  

We all should have learned growing up!

Sue Miller, Yoga teacher + mom of 3

What People Are Saying:

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    Charlotte Clews

    Fantastic, Cate!  After reading the book, my 3 year old asked, "Can we do what the girl in the book does each morning?" So we did each thing this morning, in order, and she was so happy!

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    Desiree Rumbaugh


    This book makes me want to have children again even though I am more in the stage of being a grandparent now.

     Thank you for inspiring parents by giving them fun and creative ways to teach their children how to be healthier and even more alive with enthusiasm from the inside out.
    Love, Desiree Rumbaugh

  • Alex Bionda

    Yoga teacher + mom

    I just wanted to let you know that I got your Good Morning Yogis book and it's great! Stella and I read it together and then she read the whole thing to Brian. 
    She got pretty sick earlier this winter after refusing to take heed of my recommendations (they do that at 8!), so now she's a bit more interested in taking care of her health. 
    Thanks again for all you are doing. You rock! 

Check out Good Morning Yogis...
Dial in your Morning Routine

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Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

10 essential lessons for evolving family wellness...

  • Bring the routines yogis have used for eons into your kids daily hygiene program. Yogis are obsessed with keeping the body clear of internal and external debris. 
  • Teaching kids to take better care of themselves requires that the adults in their lives have awesome self-care. This book will teach you how to step up your self care.
  • Checkists + Recipes included:
      • Dial in Your Morning Poop
      • Green Smoothie Recipe for Little Monkeys 
      • Make Ginger Balls to clear up mucus
      • Why to Lube your Nostrils to Avoid Colds
      • How to read your tongue
  • Learn how to clear up mucus before your kid gets a serious cold or infection. You'll also learn how to diagnose your tongue to see what it's telling you about what is happening in your body. 
  • With these simple tips, you can teach your kids how to own their body in a way that you never knew growing up.

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