Heal Your Body + Deepen Your Integrity

10:00am PST (San Francisco)

1:00pm EST (New York)

5:00pm UTC (United Kingdom)

The ancient wisdom tradition of Ayurveda teaches the innate intelligence and capacity of the body. When we embrace the habits of #selfnourishment, we find ourselves ready to heal our bodies, develop deep integrity and get energy  + ease. I Invite you....

- 10:00am PST, 1:00 PM EST, 5:00 PM UTC

If you are putting up with 

  • a body out of sync,
  • feeling burned them out by the modern lifestyle 
  • lacking self-love + self-care
  • fatigue, 
  • self-criticism,
  • lack time + energy, 
  • weak digestion or digestion issues, 
  • congestion, 
  • autoimmune disorders, 
  • extra weight, 
  • disconnected relationships, 
  • brain fog, 
  • or if you just know you could feel better in your own body if you just had the tools, 

Then this webinar is for you. 

Commit to taking a step toward #selfnourishment #bodyhealing #deepintegrity

Connect with your Body Needs  

Heal Your Body + Your Relationship with Your Body

Bridge Your Integrity Gap

Gain Energy + Ease and Love For Your Body

If you are looking to...

This webinar is a perfect starting point.

In order to find success with #selfnourishment, we need to understand what our personal stakes are. When we tap into our inner desires to find out what is at stake with our health, life + future, we expand our own capacity through self-understanding.

Without such self-understanding, our plans and dreams stay adrift in nebulous potential.

What is at stake for you with your health? What is at stake for you with your #selfnourishment?

Host: Cate Stillman

Hi. I’m Cate Stillman, a master of personal and planetary thrive. For the last 16 years I’ve been evolving my abilities to coach people into falling in love with their bodies and helping people build the habits of lifelong, deep self nourishment. Many of my course members tell me I know how to convey concept and application in ways that have led them to personal breakthroughs that were beyond their wildest dreams.

I’ve created this webinar to help you get oriented toward your own #selfnourishment. 

My teachings have evolved through listening to feedback from thousands of students. This webinar is going to help you map a plan to make your dreams for your relationship to your body a reality. 


Become a selfnoursihed thriving woman living consciously and falling in love with her body + life everyday 


Bridge your integrity gap and get more of what you want and need while thriving towards the next you! 

Here at Yogahealer, we are all about making our goals a reality. In this webinar, we will have a dynamic conversation full of insights into the first steps toward fully loving your body through empowered #selfnourishment. 







Check out what people who worked on body habits have to say ...

Get Healing + Deepen Your Integrity 

Overhaul Your Self Nourishment to Fall In Love With Your Body

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10:00am PST (San Francisco)

1:00pm EST (New York)

5:00pm UTC (United Kingdom)