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Preview the HEALER SERIES 2

Come WORK on:
  • How Healers break glass ceilings… the business model
  • How to charge based on results you get with your clients
  • Do you need a sales assistant? How to hire a good fit
  • Is money a positive stressor or negative stressor for you? Turn money issues from distress to EUSTRESS
  • How to sell your upsell in 2022? And what do to if you don’t have one
  • How to Enroll into your High Ticket Item


Money is an obvious issue.
Every healer who has made money has healed their money issues along the way.
If your interest is in making more money in 2022… join me for this live workshop.
  • What happens when you turn money into a positive stressor, from a negative stressor
  • How to price your healing journey based on results you get with your clients
  • Why the right collaboration partners will break your glass ceiling
  • How to know when you need a sales assistant, and hire for that
  • How to knock 2022 out of the park
And now, It’s time again for my free workshop… FOR MODERN HEALERS.

Heal Your Money Issues to Launch Your 2022

is a workshop for wellness professionals who want to break their next glass ceiling without breaking their neck in 2022


With Cate Stillman


This is a 4-part series designed to upgrade your Healer lifestyle.
Get FREE access to the 2nd workshop and the remaining two in the next couple of months.
Catch the replay of Healer Series 1 below.

Preview the HEALER SERIES 2

Come Away With…

  • Where modern healer meets modern business skills
  • The essential nature of the healer lifestyle and personal rejuvenation
  • Upgrade and Simplify the Systems Behind Your Work
  • Break Your Next Glass Ceiling Without Breaking Your Neck
  • Articulate Your Unique Abilities
  • Align Your Next Purpose and Package

Meet Cate Stillman

#1 Amazon Author for Body Thrive
#1 Amazon author for Secrets of the Six Figure Yoga Teacher

Cate is an evolutionary thought leader, entrepreneur, global community builder, and author of Master of You and Body Thrive.

She founded Yogahealer.com in 2001 to guide people into their potential.

She is renowned for her laser-sharp, no b.s. approach to enlightened living, which includes living your life on purpose for a bigger purpose.

Her course members are never disappointed and know they can’t find this type of experience elsewhere.

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