IF Workshop

Come to the workshop. You will find out how to activate AUTOPHAGY, the huge benefit of intermittent fasting, specific for YOUR body type.

Join us this summer. Cate’s leading a FREE Intermittent Fasting Workshop



Hi, I’m Cate Stillman!

If you missed my FB live workshops on reversing the chronic effects, then you may not be up to speed on why I’m launching into a series on intermittent fasting.

And if you caught those workshops, you’re stoked for this next series, which resolves chronic inflammation better than any other habit.

We’re on a journey to achieving these truths – with just 1 habit!

  • I know my body type
  • My symptoms are falling away
  • I’m developing a deeper power from within
  • It’s easier to move in my body, I have more mobility
  • I made friends with people who are deeply empowered, deeply embodied. In their power in their bodies
  • I feel great
  • It’s even easier to be me

Why You Should Come:

  • Why you should be Intermittent Fasting
  • How to Intermittent Fast for YOUR BODY TYPE
  • What your EMOTIONS are telling you about your fasting rhythm
  • How WOMEN should do intermittent fasting
  • How MEN should do intermittent fasting
  • What is AUTOPHAGY… and why you want more of it
  • Which SYMPTOMS and IMBALANCES intermittent fasting is great for
  • When NOT to do intermittent fasting

Join us. You’ll love yourself. To. The. Core.


I’ve led Yogahealer for 20 years. Yogidetox. The Challenge. Author of BODY THRIVE. 2 books. Global leader in holistic health.

I used to be in the “one-size-fits-all” understanding of my body and my habits. Yet, I was struggling inside my own skin. I had symptoms – headaches, extreme allergies, PMS symptoms. I had intense cravings and would eat more than I could digest. I loved sweets, uncontrollably. I loved my body, but wanted to get to the root of all these symptoms.

On my self-evolution journey, I learned about intermittent fasting for my body type.

You’re going to love yourself down to the core.


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