Build your Immune System better 
with Ayurveda

Through this webinar + e-book training,
Cate will teach you exactly what you need to do to restore your immune system and cultivate deep energy.

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Build Your Body Integrity.
Cate will teach you how to
build your Immune integrity with Ayurveda

When we don't understand why we feel poorly and why we don' t have the energy that other people have we can get frustrated and even give up on feeling better. When we understand what our body really wants and learn how to tap into a deeper, sustainable wellspring of energy, our world can turn right side up.

I've created a simple, but profound workshop that keeps members returning again and again for deeper understanding.

In Cate's Immune Building Workshop, you'll learn from a holistic, Ayurvedic perspective what the root causes of your particular pattern are. You'll learn how to create better daily routines to tap into a wellspring of sustainable energy.

Top 3 lessons in Immune Building Workshop

  1. Understand what is going on in your immune system from an Ayurvedic mind/body eastern physiology perspective.
  2. Get practical lifestyle, diet + herbs essentials to build your immune integrity.
  3. Troubleshoot your immune or auto-immune imbalances.

Listen to the webinar. You'll get a philsophical overview into your immune system, in all of it's complexity, from an Ayurvedic perspective. You'll also be inspired to make specific habit changes to help your rhythms build a deeper energy.

The webinar is inter-generationally centered. Get insight that will help yourself, and those you care for ... children, aging parents, yoga students.  You will be stimulated and informed to build a bigger energy resevoir in your cells. Don't miss out on how you can feel.

If you're tired of being tired and want the shift  I've got your back. When you do the workshop, you get the recording to do it again later... when you need some reminders!
I've also backed in bonus videos to support you on the path to rebuilding your immune system.

            "Cate'e Immune Building 101 changed my winter. Instead of getting sick and depressed, I had a huge breakthrough in my daily rhythms. Her approach is so gentle and deep, I know myself better. Her workshop is easy, yet profound. My whole family is healthier!"  Jane Irwin, Kansas

+ Bonuses!

Investment for Immune Building 101:
Only $35!

When I was teaching this workshop live I mentioned a number of resources to support upleveling your immune function. 

In the desire to support you fully in understanding and integrating the practices that will make the biggest difference in how you feel tomorrow, next week and next year, I've decided to include these bonuses.

Bonuses included in this workshop, worth over $100

  • Immune Boost Meditation from Cate's Bodythrive Meditations
  • Letting Go of Stress Meditation Cate's Bodythrive Meditations
  • Cate's Winter Remedies PDF
  • 5 minute Lymph Clearing Practice
  • 20 minute Evening Yoga and Foot massage
  • Recipes + Youtube videos with specific remedies

Take charge of your immune integrity.

Investment: only $35
Value: The know-how to build immune integrity with Ayurveda!