Thrive with the practical, modern wisdom of The Living Ayurveda Course.

For the past 11 years, Cate Stillman has led a group through a nine-month journey to living Ayurveda in daily life .


The New Living Ayurveda Course optimizes your body and your future with practical life skills based on 5000 years of perennial wisdom from Ayurveda + Yoga.

- Cate Stillman -

How The Course Works 


The Experience of The New Living Ayurveda Course

Living Ayurveda gives you an inside-out Ayurvedic understanding of how vibrant health works. Most people die without this understanding… having never fully explored the potential of their body and the sensitive awakeness of their subtle body.  

Most people aren’t interested in truly knowing their physiology and understanding disease. 

Most people don’t evolve their health. But then there is you. 

And you are different. You want to know your body. You want to evolve on a vibrant wellness path

You may even want to inspire and assist others in this very journey.

For me personally, The Living Ayurveda Course (LAC) changed how I live. It helped me answer the question "how is it so" in my own healing process so I could make the necessary changes in my daily living to create more balance where there was imbalance. 

- Liza Lisa Souba - Bozeman, MT -

How It Works 

Within 9 months we...

  • We unclog our body + clean up the temple.
  • We get our temples running on the right schedule, at the right rhythm so they sparkle.
  • We have more time in our day because we’ve streamlined our biorhythms.
  • We declutter our homes and our lives and open up the field of living in a clarified space.
  • We own the power of our own constitution.
  • Our mind hits a new level of focus and mental capacity.
  • Our relationships become more connected, so we experience the next level of interconnectivity and co-creativity.
  • Our energy deepens and stabilizes at a level of steady rich capacity.
  • Our intuition is revealed. We make smarter choices that lead to joy, ease, and love.
  • Our inner joy becomes our operating emotion.

The 3 Paths  

In LAC, you can choose one of three healing paths. Each path has a corresponding syllabus.

Family Healer 

On this path, you intuitively pass deep body-care wisdom and responsibility onto your kids and elders. You uplevel your family’s daily habits around sleep, food, and movement. You learn intergenerational caregiving, from before conception through death.


On this path, you become your own healer. You have a desire for personal evolution in real time. You’re ready to uplevel your energy integrity. Connect to your ecosystem. Align to deeply empowered life.  


On this path, you learn the most effective ways to apply Ayurveda in your wellness career. You also learn howto move groups through deeper transformations in less time. You uplevel your own wisdom, wellness, and abilities to communicate and coach your tribe through the next evolution.

Payment Options 

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5-Month Payment


Billed $1,300/month for 5 months

9-Month Payment


Billed $777.76/month for 9 months

LAC has rekindled my passion and confidence to be my best self and continue to evolve with a bigger picture perspective. I have 3 children at home - I'm so glad I was a member in Living Ayurveda when they were young!  

I believe the LAC course is unique in that it empowers you to become a living disciple of Ayurveda, it empowers one to apply the knowledge in simple and practical methods.  

Now I'm a Living Ayurveda Course Assistant and I love helping new members step into their potential!

Anna Berkelmans