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Lead the Journey

The Simple 3-Step Formula for Designing, Packaging, and Scaling a Profound Transformational Journey That Attracts Your Perfect Tribe of Committed Clients — While Earning More, Doing Less, and Making a Massive Impact

Design the Journey You’re Meant to Lead

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Normally $497 – Save $300!

Do any of these feelings resonate with you?

You’re too busy running your wellness business to grow your wellness business

Attending workshops, booking yourself solid, earning more certifications… What will really move the needle?

If you’re an experienced wellness pro, you know how frustrating it is trying to break through to the next level of impact and income without burning out— physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You know something needs to change, and you know you’d serve your clients better if you had time for your own personal wellness, but putting in less hours means earning less income…

You feel more committed to your clients’ growth and healing than they are

After so many years helping clients in your field, you have so much more wisdom to offer. The only problem is, your clients aren’t willing to invest in themselves enough to find out. You want to get them better results and see them thrive, but they’re just not ready (or willing) to go any deeper…

It frustrates you to see leaders and influencers in the wellness space who seem to “have it all”

When you look around, you see other experienced wellness pros in your space who have the lifestyle you want, the devoted tribe, and even the time and space to tend to their own wellness.

Meanwhile, even though you’re making good money, you crave more freedom, a more dedicated following, and miss the days when you could actually enjoy your own self care and healing…

You know you need a “high-ticket offer” but you don’t know what it should be, how to justify the price, or how to approach marketing a high-end offer with integrity

Odds are, you can’t scroll through your social media feeds without being bombarded by “gurus” telling you to create a high-ticket offer or raise your prices. But what does that even mean for a wellness professional? And how do you do that without feeling “inauthentic”, or like you’re alienating tons of people who really need your help?

Not to mention, if you’re an experienced wellness pro, you probably have multiple arrows in your quiver…

That means there are lots of problems you could potentially solve for your clients, which makes it difficult to know which one to pick, how to package it up, and how to justify the higher price tag for something that comes so easily to you.

If you’re feeling any of these, I’m glad our paths crossed – because I can show you the fastest way to reach the next level of impact like I have for thousands of other wellness pros…

My name is Cate Stillman, and I’m an evolutionary thought leader, global tribe builder, and author in the field of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Dynamic Groups.

After spending the last 20 years supporting leaders in the wellness space, I’ve heard the same stories over and over again…

Experienced wellness pros come to me and tell me they feel like they care more about their clients than their clients care about themselves…

Or that they love what they do, but they’re tired of putting their own wellness and healing on the back burner to maintain their level of income…

Or they’ll come to me with a ton of ideas for a high-end program but have no idea how to structure it, price it, run it, or share it with the world.

My answer to them (and to you) is that to reach the next level quickly (and with integrity), it’s no longer about earning more certifications, booking yourself solid, or simply charging more for your service…

Reaching the next level of impact requires becoming known for the profound transformational journey only you can offer your “perfect tribe”…

And The Lead Journey shows you how.

What’s Inside?


Package Your Journey

Have lots of skills in your wellness toolbelt? Not sure what you should offer or how you should position yourself? We’ll guide you to package your wisdom to get results people will pay a premium for.


Package Your Journey

Pricing may not be intuitive to you.
I price based on the results my colleagues get from working with me. Pricing needs to be based on how much skin your clients are willing to put in the game so they can show up and get results. I’ll teach you how.


Package Your Journey

I’ll show you how to pre-sell your package. This will challenge and engage you to find your first people. We’ll guide you through the process.

Lead the Journey is a mix of self-paced video learning, ongoing group support, and 1:1 support from my team so you can simplify and scale your wellness business, go deeper with more committed clients, and get paid well to do it— even if you’re not sure what that looks like right now.


“Lead the Journey fundamentally changed the way I see my wisdom,
my value, and the wellness journey I can guide.”

– Susanne Lynn, Lead the Journey colleague

Let’s take a look at what you’ll do in the course…


Evaluate your current business model

We’ll start with the basics by looking at where you’re most effective and how we can use that to design your “next level” journey package.


Receive 1:1 coaching

Before you dive into designing your journey, you’ll get a kickoff session with one of our coaches to help you find your unique genius in the results and experience you can guide.


Receive 1:1 coaching

When you change how much you earn, you use time differently. Jumpstart your Lead the Journey success by rearranging your calendar for a better business model.


Evaluate your current business model

Once your mind and calendar are set up for success, it’s time to design and price your package. You’ll do this with our support and support from the group and videos.

What to expect from your 1:1 coaching sessions…

Kickstart Session
with Anna

Anna Berkelmans will guide you in a strategic process to bring together your wellness wisdom into your next level offering.

Finalize Your Journey
Session with Cate

When you sign up now, Cate is offering a session for Lead the Journey colleagues. Cate’s zone of genius is seeing your zone of genius… and upleveling your package and your pricing.

Here’s what Lead the Journey students are saying…

“After working with Cate I work 1/2 as much and am still breaking my income ceiling!”

Rachel Peters

“My income is increasing by 30% each year! I finally broke the six figure barrier, and the numbers are getting significant! I followed the steps outlined by Cate and it worked! ”

Dana Skoglund

“Working with Cate on my yoga career has entirely changed my life for the better. I’m so empowered, taking action, and discovering my real work. It all starts with Lead the Journey!”

Patrick Heffernan

Lead the Journey isn’t just about raising your prices or creating a high-ticket course…

This program is about pinpointing the most profound transformation you can offer your clients and packaging it in a way that makes their results nearly automatic.

It’s designed to break you out of the “trading time for dollars” mindset and allow you to start trading value for dollars.

The reason there’s a 1:1 coaching element in this program is because the most effective transformation you can offer and the best package you can offer will look different for every wellness pro, and we want to help you clarify what’s most in alignment for you.

Take a second to imagine a world where you can…

  • Create better results for your clients without putting in more time and effort
  • Reclaim your time to devote to your own personal health and wellbeing so you can show up as the best version of yourself for your clients, friends, and family
  • Have confidence about the offers you’re putting out into the world
  • Serve in alignment with your greater purpose
  • Position yourself as a leader in your corner of the wellness world
  • And connect with people who are grateful for your time, wisdom, and guidance

Are you ready to take the lead?

Lead the Journey is your chance to clarify what works best for you, your clients, and the lifestyle you want to create…

All while being supported by other experienced wellness pros who can help you tap into your zone of genius.

So if you know the business model that got you to where you are is NOT the business model that will get you to the next level of results for your clients, personal wellness, and freedom…

Then I invite you to join Lead the Journey while doors are still open and while I’m still offering you my personal guidance to get you on the right track.

Lead the Journey is normally $497…

Although the amount of personalized guidance and group support you receive is what you’d find in a program priced around the $2,000 mark or higher.

But since many of us have just emerged from a difficult year, I want to make this easy for you…

When you enroll in Lead the Journey today, you’ll pay a fraction of the price at which Lead the Journey normally retails— and STILL have a chance to work with me personally to put the final touches on your journey package.

Ultimately, the decision is yours.

Can you stand another year of pushing your own wellness aside to maintain your income?

Are you willing to watch as others in your space rise to their full potential and live the lifestyle you want to live?

Can you imagine how much more fulfilling your work could be if you simply let go of all the busy work and honed in on offering the most effective journey only you can offer?

Lead the Journey. Get paid well. I’ll show you how.



I just started my wellness career, is Lead the Journey right for me?

Lead the Journey is meant for experienced wellness professionals who already have a following, an email list, or are generally fully booked (although you don’t have to have all three). That’s because Lead the Journey is about looking back on what’s worked well for you in your career and where your zone of genius really lies so you can package that up and create an experience for your clients that they’re willing to pay a premium for.

I don’t have a big social media following, can I do this?

Yes. While you should have some sort of community formed or forming around you to get the most out of Lead the Journey, it doesn’t have to be in the form of a social media following. If you have a strong in-person community or email list, you can still benefit from Lead the Journey.

Is there a payment plan?

At this time, there is no payment plan for Lead the Journey. We believe we’ve discounted this program to a price point that makes it a simple choice for anyone who’s willing to invest in reaching the next level of their career, and we highly recommend joining at this time before the price goes back up.

Is there a guarantee?

How is this different from creating a high-ticket course or a high-ticket coaching program?

Lead the Journey isn’t just about raising your prices or creating a course. Lead the Journey is about pinpointing the most profound transformation you can offer your clients and packaging it in a way that makes their results nearly automatic. The reason there’s a 1:1 coaching element in this program is because that transformation and that package will look different for every wellness pro, and we want to help you clarify what’s most in alignment for you.

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