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Living Ayurveda Members on Stage

Living Ayurveda Members on Stage

At our Yogahealer Solstice Retreat for members of my big courses my assistant, Lisa, filmed the peeps telling their stories. I didn’t hear the stories until I edited the clips. My heart opened wide as I heard these members tell the camera… and the world … their story.





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Listen to their Ayurveda Stories

At our Members Retreat

My dharma is strong – and honestly  has always been. Dharma came to me naturally. I focus on impact- on how I can use what I know to evolve communities and ecosystems. And yet, I often don’t take a moment to hear the impact of my work.

We are conglomerates of our teachers. Of our education. Of our processing and embodiment of wisdom. I have a gift for consuming systems of wisdom and alchemizing (made up word) wisdom into practical action steps. I help people digest Ayurveda to improve their day-to-day embodied experience.

My Typical Student

1. Love of yoga

If you are still listening to the video (which I highly recommend – my members are compelling in their transformations), you’ll hear what they all have in common. YOGA. All of my members come to me with a love of yoga. All of my members in Living Ayurveda come to me already having taken serious steps down their wellness transformational journey.

2. On the Road of Evolution

All of my members want more. More depth. More practical wisdom. More teaching skills, if they teach. More parenting skills, if they parent. More deep wisdom skills, if they are aging.

3. Jet planes + Speed Boats

All of my members are attracted to my avant-garde approach. Whether it’s the traditional + living foods component, the integral theory component, the evolutionary enlightenment component, the cosmo-centric perspective… my members come to me with a sense that this program is not the same program or curriculum that is taught at the big yoga centers or Ayurvedic educational institutes.

We are more like a jet than a plane… a speedboat than a cruise ship. We make big transformations in deep support of one another.

If you want into the Living Ayurveda Course + Community, 





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