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Living Ayurveda Course

Living Ayurveda Course You have this body for a lifetime. Isn’t it time you learn how to take care of it?

  • Take care of your body for a lifetime
  • Take care of your family, both your parents and your children
  • Prevent disease
  • Learn living & Traditional Ayurvedic theory & practice
  • Special sections for Yoga teachers to apply Ayurveda into yoga class

Enroll in the Prep School now. The course runs Sept. 2013-2014

Yogidetox Course

Yogidetox Course

Next Live Courses:  Oct. 12, 2013

In 21 days you will feel:

  • Energized
  • Light
  • Vibrantly Healthy
  • Joyful
  • Young again

Yogahealer Business Course

Mentors Course

Help more people & make more money.

The Business Course for Yoga Teachers and Healers. Get in on a 7 month business course to take your income and your impact to the next level.

Join now, and get instant access into the Business Course Prep School. As a group, we begin Sept. 2013.

Healthier Hormones Online Course

healthier hormones Listen to this Free Healthier Hormones Recording with Cate & Dr. Claudia Welch, to see if the 6 week course is a great fit for you. Or join the course now!

Eat Green Challenge Online Course

Eat Green Challenge Online Course

Eat Green with Desiree Rumbaugh and Cate

Des & Cate created a free call and a 4 week course based on a diet that helps yoga students and teachers thrive. Or sign up directly for the 4 week online course.

Body Thrive Meditations – Download CD

A series of 10 guided meditations to tap you into your inner vibrant health potential. These guided meditations lead your awareness through the pathways of your subtle body to infuse your body’s cells with alignment to the cosmos, universal energy, and your evolutionary health potential.

Healthier Kids Workshop

Catch imbalances before they escalate as Cate leads you through a non conventional basic check-up of your child’s body.

  • Learn how to tell what is going on in your children’s bodies
  • Learn the basics for treating most imbalances with foods, spices, and some herbs
  • Learn how to read your kid’s body like a book
  • Know what is happening inside though observing the outside (through their skin, eyes, tongue, and even their poop!)
  • Strategies for getting herbs and spices into kids

Allergy Relief Workshop

allergy relief workshop

Let’s uproot your allergies once and for all. It’s not that complicated.

If you’re ready to put an end to your seasonal suffering, take the Allergy Relief Workshop.