Peak Performance

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Rules from Peak Performance
Using Yoga Philosophy

What is peak performance?

To me, peak performance is the experience of being at my best – just about all of the time.

Doesn’t that sound good?

Why might you explore peak performance?

You could be at your best physically. At your best mentally. At your best emotionally. Doing your best at work. At home. Parenting. Befriending. Being on your game, just about all of the time. Everyone has the potential to live at peak performance. And, I’ve found that Yoga and Ayurveda know this game inside out.

Yoga philosophy and Ayurvedic wisdom have the mindset, habit hacking and root essentials for peak performance.

In fact, the rules for peak performance are hidden in plain sight in the very first teachings of yoga philosophy.



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Over 7 millions




What Is Your Growing Edge?

My body

My body

My relationships

Achieving my goals

Upgrading my career or purpose

Improving my finances

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Meet Cate Stillman

#1 Amazon Debut Author for Body Thrive
Cate is an evolutionary thought leader, entrepreneur, global community builder, and author of Master of You and Body Thrive.

She founded in 2001 to guide people into their potential.

She is renowned for her laser-sharp, no b.s. approach to enlightened living, which includes living your life on purpose for a bigger purpose.

Her course members are never disappointed and know they can’t find this type of experience elsewhere.

Peak Performance

Life, Career and Body


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