Ayurveda for Peak Performance
& Deep Rejuvenation


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What would your year look like if you operated at your peak performance and felt deeply rejuvenated every day?

(Well, at least most days. You know we shoot for the B- around here.)

Through Ayurveda and Yoga, we understand how to deeply rejuvenate. And when we are rejuvenated, we begin to operate at our peak performance.

Our peak state/performance is where the magic happens – our energy increases, our businesses grow, our families flourish, and our whole lives transform.

So how do we do it? How do we move into our peak state – our badass state? Watch our Peak Performance Workshop.

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Why You Should Watch

Pinpoint your triggers and how you get stuck or stalled
Learn the Difference between a growth cycle and a depth cycle and the importance of both
Find out what to do everyday to boost your immune and fight disease before it happens
Find out what stage you are in on your evolutionary map to identify your best next step

Meet Cate Stillman

#1 Amazon Debut Author for Body Thrive
Cate is an evolutionary thought leader, entrepreneur, global community builder, and author of Master of You and Body Thrive.

She founded Yogahealer.com in 2001 to guide people into their potential.

She is renowned for her laser-sharp, no b.s. approach to enlightened living, which includes living your life on purpose for a bigger purpose.

Her course members are never disappointed and know they can’t find this type of experience elsewhere.

Ayurveda for Peak Performance
& Deep Rejuvenation


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