Wild Edible Plants, Allergy Relief,
And Immune Boosting


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How to connect with wild food as medicine.

Hi, I’m Cate Stillman!
Over the years I’ve found a natural rhythm with harvesting, freezing, drying, and making up recipes based on what was in abundance around me.
What I’ll guide you through in this workshop is how to connect with wild food as medicine. How to notice what is growing around you. How to find your medicines – in the plants around you.

I’ll guide you to connect the inner ecosystem (your body) and outer ecosystem (where you are living) to get the kind of wild energy and intelligence that awakens your true nature.



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Come Away With…

Five Edible Plants Around Your Yard (or ecosystem)
How to Reverse your Allergies with Local Edible Plants
Why Wild Plants are Medicine: How to Navigate their 6 tastes, even at the Farmer’s Market
Demystifying and introducing wild edible plants in your diet
Targeted healing for your Ayurvedic constitution with wild weed wisdom
Most Powerful Immune Boosting Plants to Forage
What Dandelion, Thistle, Chickweed, Miner’s Lettuce, and Lamb’s Quarter can

Meet Cate Stillman

#1 Amazon Debut Author for Body Thrive
Cate is an evolutionary thought leader, entrepreneur, global community builder, and author of Master of You and Body Thrive.

She founded Yogahealer.com in 2001 to guide people into their potential.

She is renowned for her laser-sharp, no b.s. approach to enlightened living, which includes living your life on purpose for a bigger purpose.

Her course members are never disappointed and know they can’t find this type of experience elsewhere.

Wild Edible Plants, Allergy Relief,
And Immune Boosting


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