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Awakening Your Inner Psychic with Laura Powers

In today’s podcast, Laura Powers and I dive into the significance of tapping into our intuitive awareness, and how doing so can evolve the quality of our lives. We talk about how the modern world can hold us back from harnessing our psychic powers, and what we can do to regain our power and channel this divine insight. Join our conversation to learn how to uncover and embrace the unseen spiritual realms that may hold...

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Scaling Your Life Out of Overwhelm with Brian Solis

In today’s podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brian Solis to talk about his new book Lifescale: Escape from the Dark Side of Distractions to Live a Better Life. We discussed everything from raising children with technology, how social media is affecting our creativity, brain science and productivity, and what is really addictive about Netflix. If you want to change your life by shifting your relationship with technology (and therefore your health!)...

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How To Get Your Future Self to Mentor Your Present Self

Do you know the difference between spending and investing? Today I sat down to talk to you about the value of investing in your future self, and exactly how to do that. Not only will you learn how to make smarter decisions today, but also how to save yourself money in the long run by aligning your present with your future self.   What you’ll get out of tuning in: Understanding the difference between spending and investing ...

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Yogahealer Special – Three Body Thrivers Living Better

In this week’s episode, tune in to find out how Diana Jendoubi’s life changed when she started shifting her habits. She saved her marriage, lost excess weight, and left a job that was not giving her life. Her dedication to cultivating her habits has transformed everything for her. You will also hear from Janeen and Joe Violante, a couple who is inspiring each to thrive! They have saved money, eased their pain, and gained more...

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Aging and Menopause: The Gifts of the Stages of Life with Dr. Claudia Welch

In today's podcast, I had the pleasure to speak with Dr. Claudia Welch about aging, menopause, and all the things that don't really pause as we begin to experience the second half of the human lifespan. As our physical body and endocrine system starts to change, we emphasize how important it is for us to let go of the past and reorient our minds to look forward to the self exploration that awaits. If you're...

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The Power of Your Constitution

Listen in while Cate and Megan discuss the Superpower of your constitution. Cate brings it back to unpack the basics of the doshas - including how to recognize if your body and your mind have different doshas and imbalances. Learn what Ayurveda says about the superpowers and kryptonite of each dosha and how YOU can use the superpower of your unique constitution to bring you closer to your Dharma (purpose).   Links Mentioned in Episode: Constitution Power ...

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