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Infertility and Millennials: Ayurvedic Advice for Virility + Fertility with Vrinda Devani

Fertility is a strong reflection of the health and resilience of our bodies. In today’s population, especially in millenials, we are seeing an increase in infertility. With a modern environment that constantly provides a plethora of stimuli and stressors, it is easy to lose the space that our body requires to reproduce. Vrinda Devani, OBGYN, explains how infertility is often a sign of an underlying health imbalance in individuals.When our ojus, the element that creates...

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Chinese Medicine Formulas for Better Sleep

When we are looking to feel better or to improve chronic health issues, we may turn to a range of remedies, including drugs or lifestyle changes. However, it is easy to lose hope when these remedies or changes do not work, which is oftentimes the case. Drugs are likely to target only symptoms of disease, and not the actual root cause. People following Ayurvedic habits may find they feel better, but that they can’t completely...

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The YogiDetox Experience with Miranda Smith and Gale Edison

Being a nurse, Miranda was apprehensive when she first heard of detox growing in popularity. After having gone through YogiDetox herself, however, Miranda has seen first-hand the massive benefits detoxing has had on her health. Gale and Miranda chat about the transformational experience that this program has brought to so many people. Often in our busy modern lives, it can be really great for us to take a step back from things that aren’t serving us....

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Integrating Indigenous Wisdom in Our Lives with Caroline Putnam and Annie Barrett

In our enculturated western lives, we often neglect our relationships with nature. There is a lot we can learn about this relationship from the Andean people, who follow indigenous wisdom regarding their interactions with the Earth. Our ancestors all over the world lived as land stewards in harmony with their ecosystems and with the cycles of nature. The Andean people not only value their relationship with the Earth, but also those within their communities.In the...

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Intermittent Fasting For Yogis

Intermittent fasting for Yogis

Intermittent fasting is more than a way to eat. It is a lifelong journey of refining and creating space in your mind and your body. Cate used to experience challenges with her weight, food sensitivities, and her overall health. In our modern complex world, we often feel stressed, rushed and overwhelmed. Through intermittent fasting, Cate discovered a way to bring back a rhythm into her life that allows her to do so much more with...

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The Art of Relationships with Acharaya Shunya

Relationships are a vital part of our lives. Acharya Shunya struggled with her relationships with others and with herself for years. Through ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, she learned valuable pointers that have caused profound transformations in her relationships. Now, she hosts retreats and events for people around the world so that she can share this powerful wisdom with as many people as possible. Cate and Acharya chat about how often we feel stuck in stagnant relationships....

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