Eat Green Challenge


30 Day Eat Green Challenge with Desiree & Cate
Join our Global Community fr the Guidance,
Life -Changing Skills, and Motivation to Wake up your Body and Your Life.

Do You:

  • Struggle with attuning to your optimal weight?
  • Hope that supplements are filling in the gaps in your diet?
  • Prepare foods that make other people happy… but don’t really serve your highest body wisdom?
  • Feel that you’re aging faster than some of your mentors?
  • Want to crave the best foods for you?
  • How do we optimize our bodies for the future?

We have learned through our bodies and our practices how to transition from the Standard
American Diet to the Diet of Our Future Potential. We both know that diet is a complex
evolving process that involves deep personal inquiry. We both want to put you in charge
of your body and give you the support and guidance required for a deep exploration and fundamental breakthrough.
This is the heart of the Eat Green Challenge. Choose to Thrive.
This doesn’t occur randomly.

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