Good Morning Yogis Big & Small


This kids book gives children and parents a sweet way to talk about morning routines. Mornings can be stressful!
Rhymes, beautiful illustrations and handy checklists walk the reader through body habits in a fun and engaging story.
Bedtime, drinking water to poop, family hugs and sitting quietly in meditation are all part of the daily routine.

What I love best? The book’s pages alternate between engaging and warm pictures that show the child what to
do- and a facing page where the “how” and “why” is explained in more detail for mom and dad.

If you are keen to introduce your children to healthy body habits this one is for you.

Follow a little yogi and her family through a simple morning routine and
learn for yourself basic ayurvedic tips to keep your family in tip-top shape.
Each 2-page spread includes:

  • a story for kids on the left
  • tips for adults on the right

What does the little girl do each morning?

  • family hug
  • drink water and go poop
  • scrape her tongue
  • lube her nostrils with oil (to prevent colds)
  • yoga and breathe
  • drinking a green smoothie!